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Pinching business models from PJ O’Rourke now

A Sunday Times investigation has established that top fashion labels are using models recruited from this refugee camp. We interviewed dozens of models. Some were already working in Europe, with varying degrees of financial success, while others had returned to Kenya having made nothing.

True, he suggested Somalia as the source, not South Sudan. But his general point apparently still stands. Rent them by the pound, rent them out by the yard – the margins are enormous.

5 thoughts on “Pinching business models from PJ O’Rourke now”

  1. I’d imagine you’d get a lot of yards to the pound with sub-Saharan Africans. Variation on the “Never mind the quality, feel the width” rag trade line?

  2. It would of course be entirely different if these were footballers or athletes. You can feed virtually anything into the sports/media complex & it will only be celebrated.

  3. @BiS
    I hadn’t bothered to go round the paywall to read the article, so until I read your comment I had been assuming that the Sunday Times was reporting on the success story of pulling people out of the absolute poverty of a refugee camp and giving them the opportunity to work and start a legitimate career with the top fashion labels.

    Shame they couldn’t have done the same for girls in Rotherham.

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