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Quite le mot juste

Revealed: the professions with the most LGB employees
Census data show librarians, cafe workers and flight crew have highest proportion of homosexual workers – with roofers bringing up the rear

16 thoughts on “Quite le mot juste”

  1. It’s just a list of stereotypically female occupations, no? More interesting would be a list of jobs that gays/lesbians do, but that women/men don’t. Probably not many gay gynaecologists, for one.

  2. My ex-wife, who was a Librarian, 50 years ago reckoned that the profession was made up of 90% women, 5% men and 5% “don’t know”. I don’t suppose that it’s changed much.

  3. ‘She said: ‘Attracting a more diverse workforce through reaching out to a diverse talent pool is important, but organisations must go further.’

    If I was the employer, all I’d care about was whether they could and would do the job. And so I imagine would everyone else.

  4. Yeah. Would have though the unCivil Service & the political class would have featured prominently. Can’t move without tripping over shirtlifters.

  5. That a lot of flight stewards are gay is pretty much a given. Lots of opportunity to have global sex adventures. I doubt the ladies have more lesbians than average though, probably less.

    Ladies football and rugby are where the dykes are, which again is not too surprising.

    I know a retired librarian. He’s rather shy & retiring but definitely not gay.

  6. @BiS,

    Not only shirtlifters, but also pillow biters. I suspect some fudge packers and uphill gardeners too.

  7. Tractor Gent,

    I think it’s just also the stuff they’re interested in. A lot of gays have minds that are a bit like women: musicals, fashion, stupid little dogs.

    I worked on a call centre for a broadband company and the operators were either women or gays. The gays were good at their jobs. Most hetero men would be terrible. I would totally lose my shit at callers.

  8. Only just found out that someone I’ve worked with for 5 years is gay when they brought their partner to a work event which shows that the obsession with all this is irrelevant to most people

  9. Probably not many gay gynaecologists

    Adam Kay is one obvious exception. Though I agree it’s weird that a gay bloke would go in for Brats & Twats.

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