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Seems a slightly stiff price here

Via email:

Just to let you know, that your Unlimited World 12 months* subscription expires in 3 days.

Extend your subscription today for current cost of EUR131.61/month to stay in touch with friends and family using your Skype subscription.

131 a month? Think I might just use the occasional 10 EUR top up method…..

4 thoughts on “Seems a slightly stiff price here”

  1. I presume that that’s the Skype calls to land lines & mobiles? If you’re used to people spend an hour or two a day talking to people the other side of the planet… Not all of these places have interweb. Or, at least, interweb that works.

  2. Annual pricing is actually a terrible idea. A monthly £10 direct debit can hide amongst your other bills, but a £120 one-off cost is much more noticeable.

  3. Did seem a little steep. But if you’re paying 10 cents a minute for internationals aren’t in your package…

    I’ve rented a Skype number, so I now have a presence in New Jersey. Only 5/mo . Part of moving a website registration across the Atlantic to hide behind the 1st. Get away from EU internet regulations.

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