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Seems reasonable

Police should not refer to transgender rapists as women because it is “offensive and factually incorrect”, Suella Braverman has told women’s campaigners.

From which we can also derive that there is no ladypenis. For in England at least rape can only be done with a penis.

8 thoughts on “Seems reasonable”

  1. HAVE YOU, or someone you know been in government for 13 years and achieved nothing – except to chase the guy who gave you a stonking 80 seat landslide majority?

    FEELING BLUE about Sir Keir Starmer of the Hamas Party about to take away your ministerial Jag?

    NEVER FEAR, Talking Tories™ are here to save the day!

    A Home Office source said: “Only men can be rapists and official police information should be reflecting that wherever appropriate – anything else is a nonsense.”


    A Home Office source said: “The Home Secretary is clear that those who stand up for women’s rights must be protected from harassment and abuse. It’s unacceptable and she has urged policing partners to do everything they can.”


    Mrs Braverman also believes the police need to do more to protect gender-critical women from harassment and abuse.

    Mrs Braverman “believes”, does she?

    Mrs Braverman (and other Gammon Farmers) continually talks as if she’s some random conservative housewife and not, in fact, the Home Secretary of the government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Believes? I don’t care about your beliefs, woman! What the fuck are you going to do about it?

    Here’s what she’s doing:

    In a tweet, Mrs Braverman said


    Talking Tories™
    Talking Tories™
    Talking Tories™
    Get them while stocks (and electricity supplies) last!


  2. Martin Near The M25

    It’s not true they’ve achieved nothing. You’re completely forgetting the ban on plastic straws.

  3. JuliaM – Talking Tories™ are always impotently complaining about things that they, personally and collectively, are legally responsible for and could change at any time.

    That’s why we love them.

    Suella and Kemi have discovered that the gammon enjoy a bit of verbiage, so they’re eager to supply.

    If that doesn’t work, they’ll wheel out Big Lee Anderson to say something crude and gammony that also has no bearing whatsoever on government policy, we oiks can’t get enough of that.

  4. I assume this is more about positioning for the leadership race once Rishi loses the next election than actually trying to win the election so talk is all they need to do

  5. BniC – these fuckers have been ‘positioning’ for 13 years that we’ll never get back now.

    13 years, my friend.

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