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Silly question

So, little pocket om the back of a rugby shirt. What is it in that little pocket. Over the spine?

9 thoughts on “Silly question”

  1. Yep, tracks players so they can do the metres carried etc stats , they were trialling putting trackers in the balls as well so they could measure kick distance, height, time in air etc but don’t seem to have heard any of those stats mentioned at World Cup so maybe they dropped that

  2. It’s where they keep their fags so they can have a quick ciggie during the game.

    I won’t tell you where they keep their lighters

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    And sending data back in real time so they can see how much effort players have put in and if they’re looking like emptying the tank.

  4. It’s for telemetry now, but it will be repurposed next year for the AI spinal interface.
    Just imagine – no more disciplinary issues.

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