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Silly thing

So, which world cup match had the cross of St George on both flags?

And I can think of at least one more likely one. Any others?

5 thoughts on “Silly thing”

  1. Fiji Georgia.
    Fiji Australia.

    Quite possibly Fiji England in the QF.

    Not sure if the winner of that might face NZ in the semi?

  2. If England, Fiji, Tonga, Georgia and (alright, Otto) Japan had been drawn in the same pool there would have been 10 match ups.

    Georgia were red hot yesterday. Great game. Radrandra seems to be off his corn?

  3. So far, Australia vs. Georgia, Australia vs. Fiji, and Fiji vs. Georgia.

    Of the nations participating, England (obviously), Australia Fiji, Georgia, New Zealand have the cross of St. George on their flags.

    The Irish RFU flag represents the emblems of the four traditional provinces of Ireland. That of Ulster is a red cross on a gold ground (plus the Red Hand). The story is that Richard the Lionheart added the cross to Hubert de Burgh’s plain gold shield in blood, recongising his bravery in the Third Crusade. So while formally it’s not the cross of St. George, it’s hard to imagine that Dickie wasn’t at least alluding to the patron saint of warriors when he did it. I say it counts.

  4. Genoa has the Cross of St George, but they are not playing in the World Cup, except under Italy,

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