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That’s basic civilisational collapse

Zimbabwe bans large gatherings as threat of cholera outbreak grows
Cases are rising in many parts of the country and critics are blaming chronic water shortages and poor sanitation systems

Aren’t things lovely when a government really takes power, eh?

Water supply and sanitation in Zimbabwe is managed by a number of different governmental ministries and departments. The overarching organizations that control all water resources are the National Action Committee or NAC, and the Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management (MoWRDM).[2] These groups directly oversee the WASH coalition, a combination of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), UNICEF, and other private groups, that is chaired by the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, and which finances and builds sanitation and water supply systems in the hope of fulfilling the UN Millennium Development Goal.[13] In addition, the NAC and MoWRDM also oversee the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) which chiefly deals with water supply and distribution to the industrial, agriculture, and private sectors. ZINWA is subdivided into different areas of water catchment. Additionally, ZINWA oversees the 250 major dams in Zimbabwe.[5] As well as this, the NAC is divided into two subcommittees, the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Committee and the Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Committee, which are composed of many different governmental agencies and are responsible for the planning and infrastructure of water supply and sanitation in rural and urban areas respectively.[2] Local water distribution is overseen by local village or regional governments and sometimes by ZINWA itself.

Lots and lots of lovely government, eh?

11 thoughts on “That’s basic civilisational collapse”

  1. Most intelligent Zimbabweans are already in South Africa or, if they are really bright, somewhere else.

  2. I was under the impression that it was Zimbabweans invented civilization & clean drinkable water supplies.. Whilst they were inventing the wheel, the jet engine & nuclear fission (nuclear fusion as well, but they’re saving that for later). Or did I get Black History Month wrong?

  3. No BiS. What you missed is the vile white racists who’ve neglected to do all the work and invest all the money to make sure the Zimbos profit from their genius.

  4. But…but…but… I thought the Zimbabweans invented money! They’ve certainly got a talent for printing it.

  5. In the Old South Africa we used to say that if you don’t work for Anglo American, you don’t work. That’s changed to if you don’t work for government you don’t work. Unemployment presently in the forty per cents. Half of the employed work directly for government (traffic cop being well sought-after, the salary being just a tip) and the other half work selling food, housing, cars etc to government employees. And yet by Zim standards we are rolling in it.

  6. Brendan, SA is quite a way down the same path as Zimbabwe. Looks as though Malema is bobbing to the surface again as well.

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