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That’s nice

One Northern Hemisphere team into the semis. Skin, teeth and all that but made it.

Definitely made a bad fist of the handicapping though. Seems obvious to me that favourites 1-4 (without trying to rank them) all ended up in the same 2 quarters, at 5 through 8 – to be slightly polite – ended up in the other two.

4 thoughts on “That’s nice”

  1. That’s what happens when you do your draw 3 years in advance.

    They claim they’re going to fix it next time.

  2. To be fair a few results went awry

    I think Japan were supposed to come second in that group, based on their outstanding 2019 showing and the Saffars were meant to wun their group.

    This competition is France’s to lose.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    If you’re not watching it the France v SA game is better than Ireland v Kiwis and that was a. Racing game.

  4. Those sides complaining about the draw had a simple way to fix this ahead of time: play better and be higher-ranked at the time the draw was made.

    The semis probably won’t be all that great, but fuck me those were the best quarter finals we’re ever likely to see.

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