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The revisionism has started already

The recognition of Goldin’s pay gap analysis is empowering for all of us


In my own research I was shocked to find that business leaders – including the CEOs of some of the world’s biggest corporations – still place the onus on women to fix economic inequality between genders. Some are still convinced that the enduring gender pay gap is simply a function of women’s choice; a symptom of women just not being as professionally ambitious as their male counterparts.

Ghastly, vile, woman. Because that’s what Goldin’s work does largely prove. That those average pay gaps are largely, if not entirely, driven by individual choice over how to spend a life.

4 thoughts on “The revisionism has started already”

  1. ……but depressingly, her gender is still more newsworthy

    FFS people like the writer have been hammering on about girl power for decades yet, when it suits them, they turn on a sixpence so that high profile female recognition and praise (be it merited or not) somehow becomes depressing.

  2. But the lady evidently wants us to force women to abandon their choices and do as much paid labour as men.

    With presumably servants being imported from the Third World to do the ‘womens work’

  3. I do wonder if any of the fake women, if they ever had a job, would accept the reality of the gender pay gap. “but, but, I’m a man…”

  4. @asiaseen

    They won’t come across it – they aren’t making the choices that cause the gap in the first place – almost all of it is a motherhood gap and the bits that aren’t (the negotiating stance) are more sex- than gender-related. (Gender being entirely imaginary….)

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