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Well, he might get this one right

The UK is still heading for recession

What is it, the average economic expansion is 5 years? So if you consistently predict a recession for 5 yars then you might be right in the end?

3 thoughts on “Well, he might get this one right”

  1. I’ve been predicting inflation followed by recession for a long time.

    What I got wrong was that the inflation appeared not as an increase in the price of consumer goods but in the price of assets, viz equities and property.

    It shows that even someone blessed with a trivial formal education in economics finds it hard to make a decent economic prediction. Of course economists find it impossible but are jolly clever at disguising their incompetence with lots of verbiage and hand-waving.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Since the central bank cartel has been intent on avoiding a recession, “whatever it costs” since 10. September 2001, we’re in the process of/about to find out big time, what it costs to avoid a recession for 22 years.

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