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Well, yes, obviously

Lockdown harm to children was preventable, Government told
Report by leading campaigners argues worst impacts could have been avoided if ministers had considered rights of the young

Like, you know, don’t have lockdown. Do what Sweden did – which was follow the British plan for what to do in the face of a pandemic. Appropriate precautions and leave the rest of the world be.

12 thoughts on “Well, yes, obviously”

  1. For the next few years I am going to repeat myself as nauseam. Every time some fucker blames something on Covid I’m going to correct him and blame it on government. I suppose I might share the credit around, to The Science, to medics, teaching unions, the Media, vaccine manufacturers and so on. But mainly to government, that great doer and enabler of evil.

    For these purposes Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition served as part of government, being the extreme urger for more, for harsher, and for longer.

    It’s not too late for machine gunners, you know.

  2. DM

    I regularly do that. Every time someone says “due to Covid”, I reply with “you mean the Government’s #### #### #### over-reaction to Covid?” (####s according to the person I’m talking to). It doesn’t always make me popular, but I don’t actually care too much about that; as you say, it simply needs to be continually repeated until (and if) it eventually sinks in.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    I’d add the main broadcasters and especially Kuenssberg and Peston to that list because of their incessant hijacking of the government press conference to push their own agendas.

  4. @ dearieme.
    Way I see it, it was all about incentives. Covid brought about a situation where numerous individuals saw an opportunity to increase their personal advantage. All for different reasons but the results coincided. So they took it. They were incentivised to do so. If you don’t want it to happen again you need to change the incentives. Or create counter incentives.
    I would suggest finding your house burned, your wife beaten, your children maimed & yourself in intensive care or a box could be one of those counter incentives.

  5. Alas we haven’t put anyone in the box yet, BiS.

    However Dreadful Dan has resigned in Victoria. So hopefully we might get rid of some of the worst of the trash.

    You don’t think so either??

  6. Lockdown harm¹ to children was preventable

    Yes, yes but once you start tugging at the loose thread then the entire pullover begins to unravel.
    ¹ How nice to see “harm” in the singular again.

  7. Where does this ‘[so and so[ told’ headline structure come from? I’m sure I see it in both the guardian and telegraph. Is this some media lawyers construction to make the government sound like they are not in charge, but also make it sound like the [insert sh!t idea here] thing will happen?

  8. @Pete
    It’s intended to make government culpable for any misfortunes
    Report by leading campaigners argues worst impacts could have been avoided if ministers had considered rights of the young
    With the implication that by ignoring them, children were harmed (Loud dog-whistle)
    Even if the advice is retrospective.
    Because at the time the advice would have read …worst impacts can be avoided if ministers consider locking down harder & closing schools earlier & longer
    Unless you were reading the Guardian under a Labour government. In which case you could reverse all the arguments. For no doubt there will be a campaigning group be can selected for the purpose.

  9. Report by leading campaigners argues worst impacts could have been avoided if ministers had considered rights of the young

    Where were the parents? Aren’t they supposed to be responsible for their children?

    Were they filling the mailboxes of MPs? Were they out offering help to the Libertarians who wanted to lift lockdown? Not that I remember it. Libertarian Party meetings were a dozen people on a Zoom call. And we each got 20-70 votes.

  10. Update to my OT
    I understand now that HS2 to Manchester will be cancelled. So no doubt the subs will go ahead but the nuke systems to power them will be cancelled. Won’t make any difference to your reaming. Order extra Vaseline before stocks run out.

  11. Related:
    Maybe the Nobel Prize committee has been a tad premature in awarding the medicine prize to the developers of the mRNA vaccines. Given the already-known problems with such vaccines will they ask for the money back when the probable public health disaster transpires.

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