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Your tax money at work

An ambulance service is permitting staff to take a year of paid leave for the “male menopause” even though the condition is not clinically recognised.

East Midlands Ambulance Service will take into account the experiences of male members of staff who are suffering from menopause-like symptoms such as mood swings and irritability, a lack of enthusiasm or energy, and finding it hard to sleep. Measures will also include providing extra uniforms and changing shift patterns.

Lolly gagging, that’s what I call it, lolly gagging……

15 thoughts on “Your tax money at work”

  1. The UK pays £1.1 trillion a year for public services, all of which are fucking rubbish, but it’s definitely because Them Tories Are Evil and not for any other reason.

  2. “…irritability, a lack of enthusiasm or energy, and finding it hard to sleep… ”

    Pretty much describes most of my working life.

    Where do I claim?

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Why do the manopausers need extra uniforms?

    That seems like one of the few areas that costs could be cut, under this policy.

    BiFR in LCY.

  4. BiFR – exactly. Why does the lazy sod need new togs just to stay home and mope about? What are the chances some (all?) of the buggers will develop ‘long meno’ and have to be off for several years?

  5. Isn’t equality such fun, surprised there’s not a trans spin on this, though I suppose the level of hormones they take and the potential long term toxicity as well as other long term health issues might be more of an issue than menopause

  6. I assume the fully paid year off is already in effect for women, both real and pretend.

    Is there a minimum qualifying length of service? Also how far has this concession already spread through the never ending money pit that is the nhs

  7. When granny has a fall and is waiting in agony for an ambulance for hours at least she can be comforted that Mike the menopausal medic is sat at home on full pay eating biscuits and chatting up some 19 year old on tinder cos he’s still got it. Defund the fucking lot of it

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Why do the manopausers need extra uniforms?

    Don’t you change when you’ve had a hot flush at work?

    This has got all the hall marks of trans lunacy about it.

  9. It’s a political organisation like the BBC. Like the BBC it delights in taking the piss out of the stupid proles that fund it BY LAW.

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