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BBC pensions

My, they do seem generous, no ?

The old final salary scheme guaranteed a retirement income until death, came with an inflation link and a retirement age of 60.

Started in the 1940s of course.

Last year the BBC paid an effective contribution rate of 42.3pc of staff salary into the old scheme,

You can see why they were so keen for supposed staff to be working through personal service companies, no?

#For that’s what they were really saving – the NI contributions be damned – by doing so. Somewhere in there is a canny actuary.

8 thoughts on “BBC pensions”

  1. It’s become obvious that no politician is going to abolish the stupid telly tax. Making the odious Lineker a multi millionaire for saying all the things the BBC wants said without any comebacks makes me puke.
    If only Mrs Grist weren’t so honourable. Mind you, the steady drift of Strictly to the realm of RuPaul’s pervs might help me…

  2. Grist – it astonishes me that there are still English people watching telly.

    Uh, why?

    Telly is not for white people.

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    The entire system of “work now and we’ll pay you later out of money we haven’t yet earned” is surely at fault here.

    That’s been the problem since Maxwell. And before.

  4. Steve, I know what you mean. I can’t stand the BBC and don’t watch any terrestrial TV anymore but Sir Lenny obviously got around the world a lot because no TV programme in the world doesn’t have its ration of melanin rich diversity participants.

  5. Most public sector bodies are now pension funds with a small line in some sort of public works attached. Anything that they actually achieve on behalf of the public is entirely coincidental.

  6. Grist,

    I slightly beg to differ, at least as far as commercials are concerned . Having recently returned from a short stay in the USA I was surprised to learn that over there married couples are overwhelmingly of the same race.

  7. There seems to be a lot of oldies on the Beeb. I thought that the whole point of a good pension plan was being able to pack in working earlier rather than later.

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