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Err, Sir Simon?

Immigration is not a top issue, yet both the Tories and Labour are focused on it – and the insurgent party is ready to capitalise

It’s us out here, the electorate, who get to define what is a top issue or not. Not you deciding what we may have opinions about.

17 thoughts on “Err, Sir Simon?”

  1. It’s the gaslighting that’ll drive you mad.

    The British people have voted for “net immigration in the tens of thousands” at every general election for the past decade plus.

    So instead, the ‘British’ government decided to dissolve our borders and give away over a million visas a year.

    Ah, but even discussing this issue is to be lectured, probably by a rich old wanker like Sir Simon, that the proles don’t know what they want, and must live next to Somalis and Afghans. Of course, immigration won’t be an issue for Sir Simon personally until he has to deal with the brown immigrant staff at his nursing home.

    The gaslighting, like in Ireland – where the Diversity stabbed a bunch of children in a primary school and not one single Irish paper put it on their front page. But they were sure to let you know it was an “Irish citizen”.

    Are we sick of being lied to yet?

    Vote Conservative To Pretend It’s Chocolate.

  2. To me the obvious solution is to tow them back to France. But no doubt the UK government isn’t prepared to squabble with the Frogs on this matter.

  3. Bboy – the obvious solution is:

    * Arrest dinghymen
    * Hold dinghymen on a secure facility for the very short period of time it takes to turn down their asylum claim
    * Deport dinghymen

    A plan so simple, countries like Pakistan, Israel and Morocco already do it for a fraction of what we’re paying the Home Office for failure.

    For the tens of millions of unwanted excess population we already have, simply:

    * Turn off benefits for all immigrants.

    No benefits whatsoever unless you’ve lived and worked in this country for a minimum of 10 years. Also, swift and permanent deportation for all foreign criminals who end up in a British prison.

    Naturally, we will have to take British passports back off people who shouldn’t have them. That will make our Enemy very angry and they’ll pretend it’s Hitler 2.0 or something, but remember what they did to Canadian truckers and harden your hearts. There are no “human rights”, as we found out during lockdowns.

  4. Steve – a nice thought, but I think a key difference is that we are an island. The Pakistanis can police a border – if they don’t want you they put you back over the border. We can’t do that with a boat.

    I like your idea of turning off benefits, but I’m not sure that’s practical either. Would it not result in a massive crime wave? And yes of course we could lock them up, but that also costs a ton of money. There’s not really a practical answer which is economic, apart from making the whole country so poor* that nobody wants to come here, and what government would be crazy enough to do that?

    * Excluding the wealthy elite, obvs.

  5. From the comments

    “People who put themselves through unimaginable hardships in the pursuit of opportunity are the very people that a society would wish to have to help build it further – to add to its vibrancy, both culturally and economically.”

    Are all Guardiyawn comments authored by AI now or just some?

  6. NT – we have boats, and how practical is continuing to pay lifelong bennies to random foreigners? Not very, since we’re already broke.

    Turning off bennies should be one of the easiest things, it’s an administrative action. To prevent crime, deport, deport, deport!

  7. “People who put themselves through unimaginable hardships in the pursuit of opportunity are the very people that a society would wish to have to help build it further – to add to its vibrancy, both culturally and economically.”

    People like Salman Abedi.

  8. Well Steve, if you’re bothered about the bennies, have you thought of the Foreign Enslavement Act that’d mean any illegal immigrant to the UK was automatically enslaved?

    I have this vision of these hordes of foreigners digging up landfills with pick and shovel and sorting out the waste by hand for recycling.

  9. “Immigration is not a top issue, yet both the Tories and Labour are focused on it – and the insurgent party is ready to capitalise”

    How can they capitalise on something that is not a top issue? Surely Jenkins should just be quietly happy to let them carry on campaigning into irrelevance. That the Tories and Labour are focussed on it tells us that it is a big issue. I suspect that after October 7th, when everyone not demented saw with wide eyes what the vibrancy is prepared to do to us, it is issue number one.

  10. Immigration is not a rational issue.

    the only part of the statement that has a kernel of truth. Anyone advocating unlimited immigration is utterly irrational. Opposing or advocating restrictions is rational.

    It does not remotely threaten to “swamp” Britain, which has a lower foreign-born population than many other countries in Europe.

    You don’t need a doctor or dentist or a place in school for your children, peasant, and they don’t have this problem in the place in France you Gammons made it difficult for me to access by voting for Brexit.

    A migrant inflow is, on various definitions, an economic boon,

    For whom exactly? the traffickers? Unscrupulous employers?

    a humanitarian obligation

    You will give those Hamas supporters your house you Racist/ Gammon/ Fascist (Delete as applicable)

  11. Just watching Lotus Eaters where it was revealed that 81.3% of nhs workers are British. The non-British population at the last census was just over 25% so at 18.7% they are a long long way short of even pulling their weight.

    So would everyone STFU about claiming that the envy of the world would collapse without immigrants – which would be a good thing anyway.

  12. @John

    “The non-British population at the last census was just over 25%”

    Eh? Where did you pull that stat from?

    “One in six usual residents of England and Wales were born outside the UK, an increase of 2.5 million since 2011, from 7.5 million (13.4%) to 10 million (16.8%).”

    That’s a big increase. But it isn’t 25%. And “born outside the UK” is not the same thing as “not British” anyway – aside from people born overseas who have taken up UK citizenship, this also includes Brits born abroad who’ve since moved “back” here. A better comparison might be

    “People can hold multiple passports. We prevented double-counting residents by only showing them in one passport category. When a person had more than one passport, they were categorised in the following priority order: 1. UK passport, 2. Irish passport, 3. Other country passport.

    Those [usual residents] who held a UK passport increased, from 42.5 million (75.7%) in 2011 to 45.7 million (76.7%) in 2021. Those who held a non-UK passport also increased, from 4.2 million (7.4%) in 2011 to 5.9 million (9.9%) in 2021.”

    So that suggests non-British people making up a about 10% of the [usual resident] population at last count – again, increasing fast, but nowhere near 25%. That stat would exclude overseas workers, students etc on short visas (many of whom may end up staying for longer), and there will be a few non-Brits who’ve lived in the UK a long time and who no longer have a passport for their home country (I’ve known a few people in this situation: been here for donkeys years, have permanent UK residency, and don’t travel abroad). Also by including dual nationals as “Brits” it probably isn’t comparable to stats about the NHS employees or whatever which are done on a “born abroad” basis (I think) but it’s probably a better measure of the % of people who are “British”, at least legally.

  13. Turn off benefits for all immigrants.

    When my wife came to this country that was exactly the situation. “No recourse to public funds” stamped in her passport. It was the same for at least the following 20 years when I was dealing with schools services and some of the cases we dealt with similarly had “no recourse to public funds” stamped on them.

  14. We could also make a dent in the migration numbers by restricting chain migration. If Hamed wants an arranged marriage with his first sister twice removed he can go back and do it in his home village. Save the NHS a fortune too.

  15. It’s possible that immigration is not the top issue… but the inability or unwillingness to control it is. It is a failure of Government that has gone on for years, and is getting worse – despite the promises of politicians. And the failure will probably still be the case under Labour.

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