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Err, yes?

she was an early creator of what we now call ambient music, and her soundtrack for Clockwork Orange is just as astonishing now as it was back in the 70s.#

Wendy is trans, and transitioned in 1972

but there were still many indignities, accidental or otherwise. The most recent version of the Clockwork Orange soundtrack that I’m aware of, from 2001, still credits her under her deadname.

Seems reasonable enough:

A Clockwork Orange is a 1971 dystopian crime film

I’m not grapsing the problem here. The soundtrack was done before transition. So, that’s the name that’s listed. And?

15 thoughts on “Err, yes?”

  1. Also, I’ve never heard Wendy care that much. Most of the interviews I’ve read are about the music or the equipment she uses.

    The problem with activist types is that most of them are useless people and identity is all they have. Wendy probably cared more about whether it was remastered well and whether she got paid.

    Like if I met Wendy I would be talking about how awesome the Tron soundtrack is. Same as how Sophie Wilson is a legend at chip design. Cutting off their gonads is the least interesting thing about these people.

  2. I thought the soundtrack for Clockwork Orange was Beethoven’s ninth.

    Shows how memorable “Wendy”‘s music was, I suppose.

  3. Same as how Sophie Wilson is a legend at chip design

    Is he?

    What legendary things has he done since changing his name to Sophie?

    What’s Gary achieved since he became Carrie?

    Cutting off their gonads is the least interesting thing about these people.

    But it’s likely the worst thing that ever happened to them. A kind of death. A man’s talent and power is connected to his tackle. It’s not just a ladypleaser and babymaker, you know. The Penis is a force for good, Zardoz is a liar.

    Tbh I wouldn’t even let them castrate my dog. How could I look him in the eyes after doing something like that? If he wants to eat the postman, my advice to the postman is: stop delivering TV Licensing spam to my house or I’ll get two more dogs.

  4. Dennis, Music Critic To The Gods

    Carlos’ music was a small part of the soundtrack and, in and of itself, it was not memorable. As I remember it, there was Beethoven, Elgar and Rossini, along with “Singing In The Rain”. To claim that soundtrack as being Carlos’ is pure bullshit.

  5. Steve,

    I don’t think it makes much difference but not enough data to say.

    Wendy Carlos wrote the soundtrack to Tron after, which I think is a brilliant soundtrack.

  6. WB – The Tron soundtrack never really stuck in my head, possibly because the movie was so meh. I did like the visual effects and David Warner.

    I had a listen on YouTube just now and you’re right, it’s a better score than the film it was in. Reminds me of Jerry Goldsmith.

    Also, “MUSIC BY WENDY CARLOS” is right there in large text on the album cover from 1982.

  7. @Steve
    “But it’s likely the worst thing that ever happened to them”

    I was surprised to recently find out that Angela Morley (Watershipdown score amongst others) was once Wally Stott who composed the them to Hancock’s Half Hour and was musical director of the Goon show.

  8. To be fair to Jenner he/she has always insisted that the Olympic records should stay as Bruce, that hasn’t stopped the activists changing them though, its all made up offense on someone else’s behalf, virtue signalling to make themselves feel better

  9. Steve,

    I showed the film to my kids and it’s quite fun but I think you’re right. It’s not a particularly good film

    I for spin off one of the best movie related arcade games, too.

  10. There must be something in the water about film music .

    Next they’ll be telling us that Ennio Morricone was actually Enid.

  11. As gunker has noted

    Wally Stott wrote the Hancock theme but Angela Morley did the music for Dallas and Dysentry. It’s just a name change, gonads or not, the person is the same.

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