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Err, yes

I beseech you to cut inheritance tax, Sir#
How many years can some people exist before they’re allowed to be free?

Forever, obviously. For MOAR TAX will pursue you to the grave and beyond…..

2 thoughts on “Err, yes”

  1. In between those two quixotic posts a reminder that this Hamas lauding anti semite would still have us in lockdown if he could, alongside the appalling Aditya Chakraborrty.

  2. I remember many years ago calculating how much tax the last pound of your annual salary was paid in tax if you earned £50,000 (I did say it was MANY years ago) and bought a house in Sarf Lundun.
    After income tax, NI, VAT, fuel duty, rates, stamp duty, IHT, you got £1.
    Mind you, at the time that was enough for 5 pints of Courage Best and a ham sandwich, so enough for a passable lunch…

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