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British women are ‘worst binge drinkers in the developed world’
Research finds men and women in the UK report ‘heavy episodic drinking’ with a regularity above most other countries


Heavy episodic drinking was classed as at least eight units of alcohol, the equivalent of six drinks or more, on a single occasion in the previous month.

Yes, they mean “lunch”

20 thoughts on “Gosh!”

  1. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Standard glass of wine is 2.1 units, standard strength lager 2.

    So that’s four glasses of wine or pints of lager in a session.

    The blob is a fully paid up member of the temperance cult.

  2. I agree the perils of heavy drinking often go unnoticed.
    A neighbour regularly consumes a bottle of Jack Daniels a day, but he does dilute it with a smidgeon of Coke (the fizzy purple stuff-he’s old fashioned an hardly ever gets his white powder messy.
    He fell over one day while walking his dog. He later admitted he’d pushed the boat out that morning and had one too many. We realised later he meant bottles…

  3. British women are ‘worst binge drinkers in the developed world*’
    Haven’t noticed it. The Brit bints come down here seem remarkably competent. The Skandis run a very poor second.

    *I suppose you would loosely call here the ‘developed world’. Certainly enough building sites.

  4. Ias there a deink out there called “Binge” ?

    It seems a good marketing opportunity.

    ( British, Irish and Aussie birds can usually stick it away with aplomb. East Europeans are pretty good at it too )

  5. Jeez, when some of my female friends get together for a chinwag a bottle and a half of wine each is easily done, multiple nights in a row too……and they’re pretty compos after that as well.

  6. Otto, there used to be an Australian beer called Piss, which I thought was exceptionally blunt, even by Aus standards.

  7. I had a medical a couple of months ago, which included a lifestyle questionnaire. How many units of alcohol did I drink per week? Answer 40 (a lie, but I didn’t want to cause any fuss).
    Both nurse and Quack still not impressed. “You really should drink less” they said – “14 is the recommended limit for males” they helpfully told me.

    14 = 5 pints of 1664
    40 = 14 pints.

  8. 8 units is not even 3 pints of a 5% lager/beer! Although it’s pretty much 3 pints of Aussie piss…

    And just once a month…

  9. @Starfish
    Self reported survey
    Ignore and bin

    It needs to be ignored and binned whatever the methodology. These impertinent cunts need putting down, ideally like lame horses.

    Ias there a deink out there called “Binge” ?

    Chap I know produced and had bottled in quantity a beer called Responsibly.
    Genius, in a way.

  10. Whoever sat down at the end of a long day and had a few relaxing units with his chums?

    “Drink” is not fashionable as a verb either – nowadays you have to “hydrate” which is sounds technical but somehow less thirst-quenching.

  11. John
    November 8, 2023 at 4:10 pm

    As usual, I recommend a couple of whacks with the rattan.

    PS. As you’ve guessed, I don’t go out and entertain myself like those bints.

  12. As usual, I recommend a couple of whacks with the rattan.

    Agreed – for the judge.

    But what should we do about the violent racist thugettes who were found guilty in a court of “law”?

  13. More whacks John??

    Or perhaps they should just be deported to Somalia or wherever it is? They could be offered as a free gift to whoever’d be game to take them on!!

  14. I would prefer a high-profile one-way trip to a hard line Islamic country complete with ample photographic evidence of them drinking alcohol, wearing tight-fitting haram clothing and not covering their hair.

    Then let the locals take care of them.

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