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Gosh, this is fascinating

Art, law, history and TV: Tusk’s plan to remake Polish life after rightwing rule
Nationalist PiS party is soon likely to be out of office but freeing country’s institutions from its cultural grip will take time

So when a new government takes office all the junior roles should also chage? Like the EHRC, chair of the BBC, Arts Council, National England? All that sort of level need to be fired and hired to accord with hte new govt’s priorities?

Hmm, so why was everyone screaming blue murder when they tried appointing Tories to those jobs?

10 thoughts on “Gosh, this is fascinating”

  1. Polish TV is about to be full of black people, Polish streets to follow.

    Sorry, Poles, you were fighting the wrong enemy as usual.

  2. “Poles, you were fighting the wrong enemy as usual.”

    Quite. They should have given the Counter Reformation armies the bum’s rush.

    Though I suppose you could argue that that would have cost the world the only decent pope since records began.

  3. plan to remake Polish life

    These cunts received fewer votes than the Polish nationalists, but they plan to “remake Polish life”.

    Nota Benny these are now the stakes in European elections: life or death for the society you live in, and if you choose life that will be treated as an illegitimate decision to be overturned as soon as electoral arithmetic permits.

    Naturally, any progressive political gains are to be enshrined as a permanent and unchallengeable settlement for all time.

    Anyway, Poles can either have Poland, or they can have Tusk. We all know we’re not going to talk our way out of this.

  4. Dm – Popes should be Italian.

    For one thing, the papal costume looks silly on non-Italians. Only a Dago could pull off the pantofole papali.

  5. if you choose life that will be treated as an illegitimate decision to be overturned

    Elections in Austria next year. The Freedom party, FPOe lead the polls at the moment and the socialists are really struggling. The FPOe under Haider were a bunch of Heseltines compared to today’s bunch. Watch the EU overthrow them.

  6. Otto von Kring – Watch the EU overthrow them.

    They’re playing Calvinball, while insisting you play Queensberry rules.

    Can’t win a rigged game, can we lads?

    However, everybody’s got to sleep sometime. Even European Commissars. We can have the nice kind of politics, or the other kind. But we will have politics.

  7. Public television is perhaps the most visible of all the pro-PiS institutions the new coalition has promised to reform. Under PiS, the state broadcaster, TVP, was showered with funds and its news channel brought firmly under control . . .”

    Big mistake, and now they can watch what their enemies will do with it. State media should always be abolished and the political ground beneath it double salted.

    But Poland’s PiS-aligned president, Andrzej Duda, gave the rightwing nationalist party the first shot at forming a new government, even though it clearly does not have the numbers.
    . . .
    In the meantime, with the help of Duda’s delaying tactics . . .

    Vile, spinning little Guardian fucks; of course the president gave the PiS first shot at forming a government – they are the biggest party in the new parliament. It’s not “delaying tactics”, cunts, it’s fucking constitutional democracy. It is to be discovered whether they “have the numbers”. If they can offer Third Way a better deal than Tusk’s Civic Coalition can, then they will. Maybe not probable, but not impossible.

  8. They are the biggest party *AND* the sitting government, of course they have first shot at forming a new government. It’s always the job of those wanting to form a different government to move a vote to oust the sitting government (explicitly or implicitly).

    PIS plus Third gives them a 60-ish majority. Any other coalition would need at least three parties just to get a majority of ten.

  9. Steve

    I think once Hamas or their like begin a takeover life will be ‘remade’ in ways they can’t even begin to imagine.

    For Most of the likes of Tusk ‘life’ won’t be something they have to worry about as Militant Islamists hang them from ropes. Similarly for any LGBTQ ‘Alphabet Soup’ types. For women as well don’t worry about going on ‘pregnancy strike’ for the Climate – you’ll be getting it good and hard whether you want it or not!

    But of course hoping such people meet that fate is ‘intolerant’ so I’ll refrain from posting further

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