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HMS Belfast is still there, no?

On Thursday night, the Royal British Legion said Poppy Day – when the country remembers those who made the ultimate sacrifice – should be a time for remembrance, not political protest.

Pro-Palestine marches have taken place every Saturday for the past three weeks, with the numbers attending steadily growing.

Another rally is due to take place this weekend, with a further mass gathering, organised by six groups including the Stop the War Coalition, planned for Armistice Day on Nov 11.

If they cross one of the bridges (say, Westminster, which they probalby will) they’d be well within range of Bellie, no? Action that day as they used to say.

16 thoughts on “HMS Belfast is still there, no?”

  1. Will King Charles be there?

    Surely King Charles will defend his subjects, seeing how he’s a king. I hope he’s not larping about the king thing, will be pretty embarrassing if he turns out to just be an idiot in a silly hat.

    Also, have you noticed that the surest way to tell if someone is a cowardly liar these days is if they have a knighthood?


  2. Perhaps there are some of those old-fashioned machine guns still available. And I’m sure there’s some ammo that is reaching the end of its shelf life.

  3. Can you raise the guns high enough to drop shot on Westminster Bridge? Initially I thought you would also hit the Shard, but that is a bit off to the side. You would probably also punch through to the Jubilee Line under the Thames…

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    I listened to a history podcast yesterday comparing the MG42 & Bren gun. The MG42 has a firing rate of 1200 rounds per minute and apparently there’s still quite a few in working order. Two or 3 of those strategically placed with enough rounds should do the trick much more effectively.

  5. @BiND On Youtube there are lots of Americans demonstrating historic weapons. Lots of fascinating insights from blokes who know their subject.

  6. The range of her 6 inch guns is not an issue. They are trained to hit the London Gateway service station on the M1 just north of Edgeware.

  7. The left-muslim alliance is feeling pretty emboldened at the moment so it’ll be interesting to see what they do and how the “British” “authorities” react. Normally, in the face of mass protest by these goons, the police would simply cancel an event. Could be tough to do that this time but not impossible. If it is cancelled or violently disrupted it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. I would expect the king to offer thoughts on islamophobia, and for the public at large to comply.

    The fact that I feel so distant from the heart of the country that I’m talking about prospective events as if they were about to happen in Slovenia, isn’t promising. I really don’t know what to make of it all.

  8. PJF: ’Normally, in the face of mass protest by these goons, the police would simply cancel an event.’

    Our midget PM has just laid any action to stop the march directly in their ballpark.

    That’s our Fishi Rishi: ‘The buck stops with…somebody else, not me, dear me, no…’

  9. That’s our Fishi Rishi . . .

    To be fair, JuliaM, the left-muslim alliance is Sir Kneel’s biggest electoral headache, so you could argue that Rishi might at least be motivated by ruthless political interest to see chaos on the streets destroy Labour. I wouldn’t even mind the cynicism all that much if he followed through with the national interest, but we know he won’t.

  10. The Demo is planned for the Saturday which is indeed Armistice Day, but the Remembrance service at the Cenotaph is on the following day. One would hope (ever the optimist) that on Nov 11th the police will stop the unwashed useful idiots from marching down Whitehall past the Cenotaph

  11. Seems a good opportunity for Londoners to go along & welcome the demonstrators in a peaceful & friendly manner. I’d take a pick axe handle.

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