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Horror as French copper found to actually do work

Calais migrant police chief off ‘sick’ for 14 years while he played golf and went swimming
Damning report accuses Luc-Noël Larcher of being in ‘fictitious employment’ and not cracking down on migrants seeking to reach the UK

No, no, that’s not what they’re worried about at all.

While colleagues got on with the work, he spent most of his time enjoying his “passion for golf, which he practices daily,” CRS investigators are cited as saying. As a result, many colleagues didn’t even know what he looked like. When he did travel to the northern French port, when his company was sent there, he stayed in a separate hotel from his colleagues.

Inspectors found that he “spends his mornings in his room, starts the day at noon, possibly carries out some administrative tasks, then devotes almost all of his afternoons to playing golf or swimming in the pool. And this continues until the end of the week.”

#Carrying out administrative tasks, that’s what he’s being done for. How Dare He?

3 thoughts on “Horror as French copper found to actually do work”

  1. I wonder what the increase, or perhaps decline, of productivity was once they forced him to work.

    I suspect there’d be a drop.

  2. I have a grudging admiration for anyone who can pull of a 14 year sickie before being ratted out. As far as I can tell from the article his activity is being “reported on so he still has a job. I doubt there will be any serious consequences as he wasn’t working anywhere else so can play the “mental health” card.

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