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I doubt it

Really, I doubt it:

The Conservative Party deputy chairman, Lee Anderson, has been secretly recorded claiming that he was offered “a lot of money” to defect to Nigel Farage’s Reform UK party.

Anderson, 56, made the comments at a “Lagers with Lee” meeting at Cambridge Rugby Club last month after saying: “We’re not taping this, are we?”

In the recording of the event, hosted by South Cambridgeshire Conservative Association, the Tory MP for Ashfield revealed that he had been approached to defect to Reform UK.

I have no knowledge here, either direct or indirect. But bribery isn’t the way I’d see it working. Who has the money, for a start?

15 thoughts on “I doubt it”

  1. Lee Anderson is a thicko windbag who exists in the Conservative Party because Jeremy, Rishi and Dave find his poorly articulated gammonish clowning amusing.

    I don’t believe his claim, but I do believe it’s the kind of thing he might say while drunk.

    Because, let’s be honest, Lee Anderson looks like an alky.

    Lee Anderson has already found his natural level in politics – crudely taunting mentally ill Remainers. That’s where he should stay until Labour takes back his seat.

    Those little creatures jumping off HMS Long Term Decisions For A Brighter Future? Let the cats have em.

    PJF – we were just talking about entryists yesterday…

  2. Being offered a bung to join Reform is quite different from being offered a salary. Although in Real Life(tm) lots of people jump ships for all sorts of reasons, including leaving a sinking ship.

  3. You’d think it wouldn’t be necessary to pay people to leave the conservative party.

    “crudely taunting mentally ill Remainers.”

    This should be a cabinet position. One of the great offices of state in fact.

  4. Martin – Lee Anderson dances on a pole like Alan Partridge.

    It’s all a tease, mate. No action.

    His thong is vulcanised rubber tho.

  5. “Who has the money, for a start?”

    The EU? Split the Conservative party so Starmer thinks he has an mandate to rejoin the EU under even more unfavorable and costly terms?

    Putin? Split the Conservative party and let Labour make the UK weaker than Russia?

    Warren Buffet? Split the Conservative party , after shorting UK Plc.

  6. Steve,

    Yarp. Part of the pr. Look how we’re northern and working class. He was a labour guy until 2018. Supported everyone from Foot to Blair. If Reform want to be tainted with socialism that’s their funeral.

  7. Update:

    Lee Anderson statement after secret recording says ‘he was offered £400,000‘ to defect to Reform

    Tory MP, Lee Anderson, has made a public statement about the allegations he was offered money by Reform UK to defect to them from the Tory party. This comes after Richard Tice denied these claims on Sunday morning’s Laura Kuenssberg show

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