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Magic wands, eh?

Witches and wizards’ paedophile gang found guilty of running child sex abuse ring
Group told children their ‘magic wands’ would turn them into ‘cats and dogs’, High Court in Glasgow heard


A woman who used to be in a relationship with one of those convicted said: “I hope they get the book thrown at them. I do not condone violence, but I really hope, when they get sentenced, they will get what is coming to them. Karma gets you.”

Everybody likes to feel superior to at least someone and in prison that’s everyone except the paedos…..

12 thoughts on “Magic wands, eh?”

  1. During pre-recorded testimony and police interviews with several of the young victims, the jury was told that one child was put inside a microwave, an oven, a fridge and a freezer in an attempt to murder them.

    Iain Owens, 45, Elaine Lannery, 39, Lesley Williams, 41, Paul Brannan, 41, Scott Forbes, 50, Barry Watson, 47, and John Clark, 46, were all found guilty of rape and sexual assault.

    Kill them.

  2. Um.
    How big was this microwave then?
    We have a normal domestic one, and you’d have trouble getting a new-born in it much less a child old enough to remember and give statements afterwards.

    Smells off. Another ‘satanic rituals’ scare? Is there anything political that needs distraction?

    Not to excuse the abuse, which sounds genuine (and I echo the comments above), but there’s a lot of embroidery in this ‘report’ methinks.

  3. I don’t understand the microwave allegation either, but unless the press are doing stenography wrong again it appears they’re saying some of the accused were found guilty of attempted murder of a baby by putting her in a microwave?

    Possibly a translation error and my hovercraft is full of fucking pedos.

  4. That fat munter in the first photo looks like she’s emptied a few microwaves in her time.

    As it’s jockland how long before any of the blokes insist on being called Debbie. Mind you should this happen I fully expect the hardened female inmates to be more than capable of inflicting prison justice. Women can be very inventive and have a strong protective instinct towards children which bodes poorly for these nonces.

  5. Smells off. Another ‘satanic rituals’ scare? Is there anything political that needs distraction?

    In that case, there was no satanic ritual and no child abuse. It was all made up.

  6. Civilisation doesn’t just happen peacefully, it’s built on the bones of the criminals we decided not to live with.

  7. ” . . . .in prison that’s everyone except the paedos…..”

    Had occasion in the course of my life to defend three such people on KP charges.

    Two of them, convicted, killed themselves rather than going back to prison. They knew how bad it was. The people convicted above are not going to be pleased when they get there.

  8. Surely the most appropriate description is a simple paedophile trial, since the witchcraft charges were dropped?

    ’ Allegations of witchcraft have been withdrawn in the trial of 11 people accused of sexually abusing children in Glasgow.

    Prosecutors dropped eight of the original 32 charges but allegations of rape and sexual abuse remain against all the accused.’

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