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My word

Britons work from home more than any other comparable economy but are still wildly unhappy. Nine in ten British workers lack enthusiasm for their jobs, a Gallup survey found this summer. Remote working was supposed to eradicate much of that misery, but instead it has proved to be lonely and a bit boring.

You mean human beings are social animals?

Gosh now, that is a surprise.

5 thoughts on “My word”

  1. “British workers lack enthusiasm for their jobs” That’s why they need to be paid to do them.

    Lucky the man who’s paid to pursue a hobby.

  2. Why would WFH be expected to make workers happy?

    Its not just the location, its the tools and the work itself

    Those may not have changed

  3. Of all the people I know who normally work from home only one of them does a proper days work. The rest claim to be more productive but that productivity boost seems to be mowing the grass, doing shopping, gym, getting the washing done and devoting lots of time to social media. I think the having to wake up at 9AM to log on an pretend to be working before a leisurely breakfast whilst catching up on social media is what makes them unhappy.

  4. @AndyF who does a proper day’s work at the office? Nothing but time wasting there, usually caused by management so you can’t get out of it. When I’m at home I do 15-20% more than the average day in the office and then take the rest of the day off to do things I actually value.

    These articles are always propaganda. Given the choice, workers want to be at home, managers want them in. Luckily, my job has clear productivity data and everyone is more productive at home. But they are still always talking about how we need to come in and get mentored or absorb the culture or some other nonsense.

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