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No, this is not funny

Poor lady did get attacked after all. And yet:

Britain’s longest-serving prisoner, 82, is back behind bars after sexually assaulting woman
Ronald Evans, a murderer and rapist, carried out a ‘predatory’ attack while out on licence, court hears

Obvs might not make it to 82, might not be able to at 82, but there’s always that hope of being interested enough at 82…..

3 thoughts on “No, this is not funny”

  1. I keep expecting this to happen in Oz now the High Court released that drongo from indefinite detention.

    I still think we should have deported him; even if we dropped him by parachute over his home country.

  2. But his trial heard that despite his old age, he had “maintained his inappropriate sexual desires”.

    I’m sure that inapproriate sexual desires lurk within lots of octogenarians some of whom may be able to give those desires physical expression. The maintaining is not the problem.

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