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Now there’s a line

Jack Bamford GC, scrap metal dealer,

3 thoughts on “Now there’s a line”

  1. Interesting story Tim, but it’s just padding when there are topical articles dealing with what I imagine your readership would regard as matters of importance that you could be using, eg

    I resist sharenting on social media. Does that mean my son and I are missing out, or is it just safer?
    Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

  2. BF – if by “sharenting on social media”, we mean “pray with your children at the dinner table every day for God to deliver us from our enemies”, no comment as I’m probably already on enough lists.

    PS – As Peter Cook said, God is English.

    Stanley Moon : Apart from the way He moves, what’s God really like? I mean, what colour is He?

    George Spiggott : He’s all colours of the rainbow, many-hued.

    Stanley Moon : But He is English, isn’t He?

    George Spiggott : Oh yes. Very upper class

  3. Steve said:
    “ God is English … very upper class”

    I can’t find it on Google now, but there was an interview some years ago with someone who had a near-death experience that included a vision of God in a tweed suit.

    May have been the current Marquis of Salisbury, or Nicholas Soames, or someone like that, but I could be wrong. Definitely remember reading the article though.

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