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Now, who do you think believes this of himself?

That said, I am generally happy to be constructively criticised. Most of such comment helps. I develop my thinking based on comments, which is why I engage with them, unlike most bloggers, let alone journalists. I well remember being told years ago by Guardian journalists that there was only one way to survive writing on the web when comments were permitted, which is to never read any of those comments, let alone reply. I have ignored that advice and those journalists who know that wonder about two things. One is how my sanity survives the process, and the other is how I find the time.

‘Tis nice to have a chuckle on a Monday morning, no?

19 thoughts on “Now, who do you think believes this of himself?”

  1. Thankfully, he seems to have got over the PMT, or maybe continuing long COVID, he suffered just a couple of days ago, we almost lost the comments. And this was to one of his regulars too!

    Richard Murphy says:
    November 11 2023 at 9:39 pm
    Politely, no you don’t and trying to draw an analogy between that and business banking is crass. I thought we had a high level of comment here. Frankly, right now the comments on this issue, which are so ill informed and so ill thought through make me feel like closing the comments for good. I really do have better things to do with my life if this what they are going to descend to.

  2. I don’t give a toss about the ravings of this absurd and irrelevant narcissist, but even I have to concede that there’s humorous gold in some of what he writes.

  3. BF

    It might have been his seeing a flock of geese – but he was in a very bad mood Saturday….

    Worth adding these here as well:

    John S Warren says:
    November 11 2023 at 10:53 am

    As you know, I disagree. Not everything is business. Ordinary people, their freedom, their privacy, their interests matter. In pursuit of criminality you are enabling the authoritarians. Decency in Government depends not on your intentions, but what tools are given to those unknown, often less decent people who climb the greasy pole into Government. We disagree. I shall leave my protest there. I have made my case on another thread.

    Richard Murphy says:
    November 11 2023 at 1:12 pm

    I am sorry to say this John, but to suggest that I am enabling authoritarians is really quite offensive and utterly untrue. I really did no expect that from you.


    John S Warren says:
    November 11 2023 at 4:19 pm

    I did not claim you intended it, but I do think it is an unintended consequence of your position. I confess I simply do not understand your position on this argument. It seems focused purely on a perception of from a business perspective, and under the rules of a company audit. Not every individual using cash is a crook. Everybody is entitled to privacy, including their financial affairs.

    At the same time, on what grounds are the banks entitled to expect our confidence? They blew that spectacularly in 2007, and have not earned forgiveness. They have been given a sovereign pardon they did not, and do not, deserve. My confidence in my bank extends solely to the extent a guarantee is given to money in an account, by the Government; and no further. The same applies if I changed to any other bank, and that again would be, mutatis mutandis, under the same conditions.

    I promised not to respond further here, and did not intend to; but you took offence, for which I am sorry, but it obliged a response, and I still think there was, in the context of my explanation, cause. You asked on another thread, why I was so ‘heated’; it was because I always though you had a bias against cash; but I just cannot understand why you are so fatalist and complacent about those who use cash, for perfectly justified reasons (although why they have to justify them is beyond me).

    For the record, I rarely use cash. But I recognise I am now living waist deep in a financial sewer, and am obliged to hold my nose, or buy a nosegay.

    Richard Murphy says:
    November 11 2023 at 4:30 pm

    Thank you.

    We will have to agree to disagree, although I will note that you seem not to have understood almost a word I have said and imply things I have never suggested.

    And again:

    Paul Simonon says:
    November 11 2023 at 11:00 am

    More pompous bleatings ..what about the old who only trust cash and do not want to be part of the digital age..think before you tap away FFS

    Richard Murphy says:
    November 11 2023 at 1:03 pm

    I said it is disappearing

    I did not say it is gone

    It will go when those with that attitude die

    It’s really not hard to work out

  4. I have to admit that I don’t use cash very often nowadays. But when it’s got to the point where you can be lectured by bank about what you spend your money on, maybe using cash isn’t such a bad idea.

  5. Stonyground

    I don’t use it that often either – I think arguably its most salient feature is that people like Murphy, a craven, anti-semitic totalitarian of a viciousness seldom paralleled in human history (He marched for Hamas on Saturday) is opposing it.

    Certainly makes me more sympathetic, rather than less

  6. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Spud’s idea of constructive criticism:

    “Spud, you are completely and totally right, in all things, and at all times. However, to get your message across you need to say it at a higher volume and greater frequency. You should also strap your audience in their chairs, for thier own good, so that they may partake of your wisdom whether willing or not. Only by doing this can it be said by future generations that you did all you could to set the whole of humanity on the correct course.”

  7. Dennis, Noting The Bright Light Emanating From Ely

    One is how my sanity survives the process, and the other is how I find the time.

    Well, when you’re half crazy to start with and a member of the long-term unemployed, it’s not that difficult.

  8. Martin Near The M25

    “and the other is how I find the time”

    Something about the Devil and idle hands I think. It’s not like he’s got a proper job to work at.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ He [Spud] marched for Hamas on Saturday*

    It would have been interesting to get one of those vox popers you sometimes see Twatter shove a map under his nose and ask him to point to Gaza and then ask him between which river and sea he wants to remove all Jews from.

    My guess is he only went so he can virtue signal to the usual suspects when grifting and like most of those attending hasn’t go a clue about the history of the region.

  10. “My guess is he only went so he can virtue signal to the usual suspects when grifting ” – theres that and his distaste for banks and landlords which in his warped world view are probably Jews, and probably got more money than him. He’s shown many a time he falls back on stereotypes to justify his position. My favourite was when he was ranting about pensioners spending all their money on cruises rather than whatever crackpot idea he was promoting at the time. As VP says he’s got an evil black heart powered by jealousy and his own over inflated ego .

  11. “ He [Spud] marched for Hamas on Saturday*
    You have reliable evidence for this? I note on his site he has photos of geese but no photos of cvnts on marches. And if there’s one love affair he has, it’s with his own face.
    My take on the man’s he spent the entire weekend peering from behind the sofa. He’s a great man for fighting for rights, as long as the fighting doesn’t come anywhere near him.
    (Although that’s true of most of these tossers. Either side of the political divide. Part of why we are where we are.)

  12. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Does “vox poper” refer to a spokesperson for the Vatican?

    Especially when used by a Northern Irish protestant?

  13. Somebody did go around asking protesters if they knew which river and which sea, not surprisingly not a great response, some of them also claimed to be unaware of the Hamas attack on Israel that started the whole current conflict, though given how quickly that’s been shunted aside to make space for wailing about poor peaceful occupants of Gaza perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise.
    Most of them are useful idiots, Goebbels would be quite pleased with the current media propaganda campaigns.

  14. BiS

    He may not have been there personally in fairness – this is the excerpt.

    Yesterday was not a good day.

    It is true that hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated, peacefully, for peace in Gaza. That this happened in that way was a cause of massive relief, but not much surprise.

    There were anti-Semitic and pro-Hamas sentiments expressed. Both were wrong. There is very little that can be added to that statement: these are unacceptable sentiments.

    But, as we all know the day was dominated by far-right sentiment, dog-whistled into action by a far-right Home Secretary who put the police at considerable risk as a result, and excused by a Prime Minister who claimed there was pro-Hamas violence of similar sort when that was simply not true.,

    So theoretically he might not have been there and as TMB said he doesn’t come across in photos as the ‘Marching type’ – what I can say with authority is:

    1. As the excerpt above proves, he’s completely ignorant of the nature of Hamas – the notion that they’ll be willing to accept peace on any terms other than Israel’s total annihilation is risible

    2. He’s also a proven liar as there was huge violence across the entire Pro Hamas march – the police just simply refused to up-hold the law

    3. As the great Moqifen said he has a heart of pure darkness and his relentless and boundless evil continues to mar the blogosphere.

  15. Good grief, even a packet of Cadbury’s Smash has self-awareness. Surely this is good evidence for the banning of artificial intelligence?

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