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Of course, people don’t move because of taxes

We know this because El Patata has told us so:

Jeff Bezos ditches Seattle for Miami after buying $79m mansion in ‘billionaire bunker’
Move comes as Washington’s super rich face the prospect of a 1pc wealth tax

And who are you going to believe, the Solanum of all solanums or your own lyin’ eyes?

4 thoughts on “Of course, people don’t move because of taxes”

  1. “As exciting as the move is, it’s an emotional decision for me. Seattle, you will always have a piece of my heart,”

    But of course Jeff assures us that he isn’t affected by considerations of filthy lucre.

  2. Jeff Bezos’ internet blog (The Washington Post) spends most of its time campaigning for the US government to impoverish the masses through taxes and green shit

    But as soon as its swivel-eyed reptilian owner catches a whiff of a tax bill, he’s OUTTA THERE, faster than his friend Jeffrey Epstein departed life.

  3. AFAIK, Washington state doesn’t have an income tax, but I believe it has a healthy capital gains tax.

    So if/when Bezos wants to sell Amazon stock, he’d be facing a high state tax bill.

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