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Oh do fuck off

Menopausal female offenders could be spared jail under new sentencing guidelines for judges and magistrates.

The Sentencing Council, which advises the Government and courts, has set out new guidelines encouraging courts to consider more rehabilitative community sentences rather than sending people to jail for short terms.

The council said judges and magistrates should think more about sentences that are proven to reform offenders and think twice about jailing younger women because of the impact on children and older women because of the menopause.

Seriously, no. Do the crime, do the time.

BTW, will the definition of female used here include the ladypenis?

13 thoughts on “Oh do fuck off”

  1. If it’s all about the hormones, I think we need to look at crimes committed under the influence of testosterone.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Another great 2nd order effect from the clowns that claim to be Conservatives:

    Lets go strong on Law and Order but not build prisons .

    As it happens some of the crimes that some* these women go to prison for is not paying the fine that results from not paying the telly tax so the quickest way to protect them is to scrap the telly tax.

    *No sure of the current percentage but last time I saw some figures the numbers were quite high.

  3. When I was sitting as a magistrate I was shown no evidence that non-custodial sentences were “proven to reform offenders.” I did, on the other hand, see much desperation to avoid custody. The never-ending drive to reduce the number and length of custodial sentences is a function of the lack of prison places, for which you can thank governments of all stripes over many years.

  4. If prisoners want to top themselves, or smoke or spice themselves to death, why do we try to stop them. Never understood taking shoelaces and belts off them. Sure, don’t encourage it, just let adults adult.

  5. ‘the quickest way to protect them is to scrap the telly tax.’

    Thank you BiND. A sensible quick cheap easy and effective solution!!!

  6. We in parts of the US are very big on “rehabilitative community sentences”.

    That’s why serial felon George Floyd was out and about.

  7. I was under the impression that custodial sentences for women, particularly those with children, were pretty rare these days

    Gender equality, eh?

  8. What would happen (particularly north of the border) if a ladypenis owner claimed to be 8 months preggers and therefore entitled to be spared a custodial sentence? No physical examination – that’s for sure.

    Once the legal system accepts one impossibility it has to keep on believing the rest.

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