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Oh, so, umm, it’s not…..

Recurring and persistent urinary tract infections (UTIs) may be caused by bacteria hiding in the wall of the bladder to avoid medication, a study suggests.

It is thought the ability of bacteria to stow away in the bladder could explain why some women suffer from symptoms even after completing a course of antibiotics.

Not an eternal series of new boyfrinds then?

9 thoughts on “Oh, so, umm, it’s not…..”

  1. My wife suffers from this, and she certainly doesn’t have endless boyfriends.

    Her (female) doctor told her it can be caused by an over-vigorous shagging at the hands of a man with a very large penis. I mean, I’m just saying.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Why should only one explanation be correct?

    This kind of thinking comes from the same place as “this is a solution to this problem therefore it works for everyone and government should mandate it and ban the alternatives”.

  3. Need the micturition version of beer line cleaner. Purple but turns green in the presence of yeast/bacteria.

  4. Or not wiping the female arse properly. So anal bacteria migrate to the vagina, and then it’s just 4cm to the bladder.

  5. More medical knowledge lost in March 2020.

    Before that it was known that it is possible for bacteria to survive just about any environment, grow in or on just about anything, evolve antibiotic-resistant mutations, lodge in the tiniest of tissue folds, develop hardened outer membrane to withstand adverse conditions, lay dormant until good conditions arise to enable reproductive activity.

    But we are the age of Post-March 2020 Medical Science – the rediscovery of centuries of accumulated knowledge and experience.

  6. I hope that’s not what my old mum got up to at the care home.

    I suspect Theophrastus’s explanation is more likely.

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