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Pet peeve aired

Lord David Cameron (presumably of Greensill) is not the answer to any known question

The new Foreign Secretary is David, Lord Cameron. He is not the younger son of a Duke.

15 thoughts on “Pet peeve aired”

  1. LORD Cameron – that’s gotta smart down Ely way!

    But a bit of Cosplay with a Santa suit might ease the hurt.

  2. “…is not the answer to any known question”. Oh really?

    “Who is the current Foreign Secretary?”
    “Who presumably doesn’t give a toss what Richard Murphy thinks?”

    Known questions to which “David, Lord Cameron” is the answer.

  3. And for those unaware, Cameron and Murphy have crossed (pork) swords before:

    The Joy of Tax is no laughing matter, David Cameron
    Richard Murphy

    My book suggests ways the state could improve the lives of the British people – the prime minister’s conference speech joke is sadly at their expense.

    As surreal moments go, coming out of a meeting with colleagues at City University to watch a video of David Cameron making ham-fisted jokes about my book The Joy of Tax has to be one of those I least expected. “I took it home to show Samantha,” the Conservative leader said in his party conference speech. “It’s got 64 positions and none of them work.”

  4. There’s one thing for sure. You can kiss Brexit goodbye. The Remainers have won game, set & match. Unfortunately, they’ve largely ruined the country in the process.

  5. @BiS: indeed. I wonder whether Call-Me-Dave has a secret brief to sneak us back under the EU’s iron fist; would anyone be surprised? He’ll still be there in the HoL, after all the current lot get thrown out at the GE, all ready to advance The Project.

  6. Secret?
    This is something that pisses me off most gravely. That the clowns in the referendum movement never thought through to the end game. “Trust in the democratic system” FFS! The “democratic” system doesn’t work like that & never has. To get anything political done you need power. And they didn’t think it through, how to gain that power. All the power remained with Remain. And power has nothing to do with democracy. We’ve witnessed that in the past couple of years.

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