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Popular in Chipping Norton

David Cameron is marking his return to frontline politics by saying he wants to unlock billions of dollars for foreign aid over the next decade, as part of a “moral mission” to help the world’s poorest people.

In a remarkable change of tone for a government that closed the Department for International Development and slashed the foreign aid budget, the former prime minister is to say he wants to push for the restoration of aid’s status in British foreign policy.

Let’s spend more of our money on foreign people in foreign places. Election winner, eh?

What this really is is “The Big I Am”. Cameron’s in charge of a department and area of policy. So, Cameron is arguing that more of everyone else’s money should come under the purview of his department and his hands on the policy tiller. Nowt more to it than that. His entire aim of being in politics is to be able to spend your money his way.

The correct response is ribaldly Anglo Saxon

17 thoughts on “Popular in Chipping Norton”

  1. But this is indicative of Cameron’s whole problem. He and Samantha live their pleasant liberal lives in Ofxordshire – they even managed to get good service from the NHS for their son !

    He won in 2010 because he wasn’t Gordon Brown and again in 2015 because he wasn’t Ed Milliband ( in actual life and policies there was little to differentuate them ) but in terms of being “in touch” or “aware” of what his voters wanted, he had mo idea. And has even less now.

    Truly we are the very definition of “so screwed”.

  2. Cameron is back to loot the British taxpayer while he still can.

    Hang him, and scatter his ashes next to Tony Blair’s.

  3. Hang him, and scatter his ashes next to Tony Blair’s.

    You never used to be so insouciant about the leonine lunch.

  4. TMB – And I say unto you, some people don’t deserve to meet our royal African cat friends

    And Dave never used to be so arrant.

    So for very naughty boys, we skip the petting zoo part.

  5. I have come to the conclusion that the British Establishment actually hates the British People. It explains every policy they inflict on us.

  6. This is the soft left of the Tory Party realising they are out on their arses at the next election, and poisoning the wells and salting the earth for the incoming government.

  7. Peripheral but much the same thing:
    Jeremy Hunt: The next election will be the fight of my life – but I’m up for the battle
    So this is a story about the Cvnt’s political career & the fortunes of the Tory Party. And whether they can hoodwink the electorate into returning him & them for another term.
    In other words. Again. It’s all about them & nothing about the voter. Even the Torygraph doesn’t get it or it wouldn’t run the story. And is the entire problem with the party. All they’re interested in is getting elected. Not what they can achieve if they are. Basically the story since at least Hague or maybe Major (?).
    Not saying Labour or the other parties are much different.
    A plague on all their houses! Including the Torygraph.

  8. In the early 1960s the late “Paddy Roberts” summed it up quite succinctly in a little ditty entitled “The Englishman”…

    Oh the Englishman has lots of little foibles,
    and some of them are really past belief,
    for he’s still of the opinion
    that the folk in each dominion
    all regard him as
    The Big. White. Chief..

    A mindset still strong in politics and Civil Service some 70 years later…

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Friedman’s 4 ways of money spring to mind and this one falls in to the spending someone else’s money on yourself quadrant: Don’t economise, but seek highest value. The value in this case being Cameron and the FO feeling good about themselves.

    Lions, lots of hungry lions, is the only solution.

  10. Baron Cameron of Chipolata looks more like a Cumberland Sausage to me.

    Which is praise of sorts: the peak of English cuisine, the Cumberland Sausage.

  11. Latest polling has the Conservatives on 21% and Reform on 10%. And according to the detail nearly all of that is from Conservatives.

    And no one in the Conservatives seems to have noticed. Or they just think that they can keep promising to be right wingers and swearsy reals they’ll get immigration sorted. Even though Braverman has let the cat out of the bag.

    Like if I was in charge of that party the last person I would bring back would be David Cameron. He couldn’t manage a majority against Brown. None of the people who will or might vote Conservative want more foreign aid. It’s a Guardian reader thing.

  12. How does it go…oh yes, I remember: “Transferring money from poor people in rich countries, to rich people in poor countries”. Spot-on.

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