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Really? Did they?

Fraudulent BLM activists hoodwinked the British establishment
Lessons must be taken on board from the era of BLM-mania. Attempts to frame Britain as irredeemably racist should never be tolerated again

Gosh, reminds of Ms. Batjellybaby, doesn’t it?

13 thoughts on “Really? Did they?”

  1. BLM was always a rather confected import. Quite how the murderous behaviour of certain US police in certain US jurisdictions had anything to do with the UK was beyond me.

    About all I could grasp was “Anything for a grift”.

    That still seems to be the case.

  2. Surely this just comes down to sites like “JustGiving” essentially having democratised grifting so that not just the professional race grifters* who get a slice of the grifting pie.

    The only “Lessons to be Learned” is to try and cut out the plebs by ensuring that BLM donations only go to certified BLM organisations (i.e. those set up by professional grifters).

    * – Who know how to extort money from charities without going to prison

  3. Wasn’t she just following the example of the US BLM founders, all of whom have done very nicely out of their little bit of race grifting? Not sure if any of them have been arrested over it mind…..

  4. @Jim:

    A California judge has dismissed a civil lawsuit that grassroots racial justice activists from around the U.S. brought last summer against a foundation with stewardship of the Black Lives Matter movement’s charitable endowment worth tens of millions of dollars.

    Black Lives Matter Grassroots Inc., a collective of organizers, claimed Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation Inc. had raised donations off the work of city-based BLM chapter, then defrauded the public and shut activists out of decision-making.

    In dismissing the lawsuit, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Bowick sided with the foundation’s lawyers, who argued that local BLM activists failed to prove they were entitled to the raised funds or that the foundation’s leaders had siphoned off millions of dollars for nefarious purposes, among other unproven allegations.

    Fraud lawsuit against Black Lives Matter foundation dismissed in California

    Doesn’t mean that BLM in the USA didn’t do exactly that, just that the accusations were unproven and those making the claims had no standing, since they weren’t promised the missing funds.

  5. “[Her barrister] accepted what she did was an abuse of her position but said she was only 20 when she was entrusted with a very large amount of money.”

  6. Hoodwinked? Naw.

    It was all a grift, and “they” got what they expected.

    And now we hear ” I’m shocked! Shocked to find that (fraud) is going on in here!”

  7. ‘UK’s social, political, and economic systems are deliberately rigged against the racial and ethnic majority.’

    There. Fixed that one for you.

  8. Quite how the murderous behaviour of certain US police in certain US jurisdictions had anything to do with the UK was beyond me.

    The racist conspiracy theory of “white supremacy” is an international phenomenon.

  9. The beginning of the article in the Torygraph was not correct. The Police did not kill George Floyd. The fentanyl he shoved up his arse to hide it, killed him. Still, when left wing and racial politics are concerned, why let the truth get in the way of a good story?

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