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Sensible girl that Kate

Each time that she heard about Meghan, Kate shook with giggles.”

7 thoughts on “Sensible girl that Kate”

  1. So far, she also seems to understand that her role is to push out an heir and a spare, and to keep her opinions to herself. In return she gets to live a life of luxury and be called a princess.

  2. Try as I might, I find it really hard to admired Meghan. Even up against a family of Dumbos she only ever seems to be a fourth-rate race grifter.

    Must try harder…

  3. Omid Scobie, famous for writing about Harry and Meghan, has a new work coming out containing a number of highly controversial allegations

    His name is “Omid Scobie”, he has terminal gayface, he looks about 12, and he’s writing about the crappest celebs you’ve ever seen this side of Hollyoaks.

    So I reckon he’ll make millions from this one.

  4. They were at a local sports game recently, camera kept cutting to them, nobody apart from the media seemed to care in the slightest which is odd given how much they profess to hate the media and have been merrily suing to try and recreate royal privilege. It’s seems like some sort of weird parasitic relationship where both parties are parasites

  5. My ex was at St. Andrews at the same time and met Katherine Middleton (as was) a few times.

    Despite being from Bradistan and once removed from a council estate, and Katherine being a pony and jolly hockey sticks type, my ex quite liked her…

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