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Show me, Bubba

Kevin Ellis, senior partner at PwC UK, said: “The gap in pay between professionals from a lower socioeconomic background and their more privileged peer is not only a societal issue but an issue for business and the economy.”

“Businesses need diversity of talent and thought. We’ve seen the benefits of improving the diversity of our workforce – you can’t measure this without collecting socioeconomic background data.”

What benefits of improving diversity?

We’ve improved diversity like Billy Oh these past few decades. We’ve also had roughly no economic growth these past few decades. What benefits?

18 thoughts on “Show me, Bubba”

  1. We’ve seen the benefits of improving the diversity of our workforce

    Plummeting productivity and lots more fraud and theft.

  2. Honestly, you have no idea how bad it is now.

    For every job we advertise, we get hundreds of applicants. Most of them from random Indians and Africans the British government gave visas to for no apparent reason.

    And nearly every single one of them is incapable of doing the job. The quality of British applicants is low in general, non-British is a fucking horrorshow of made-up qualifications and blatant lies about their employment history. Offshoring to the fragrant land of cheerful incompetence and baksheesh is another Hellscape.

    If (Insert Company Here) seems to be providing you with a worse service than it used to, chances are it’s because they’re staffed by utter thickos now and all the people who knew how to run things have been paid off or died of autoerotic asphyxiation.

  3. I have literally just sat through a “Women and Diversity” session on an industry conference, and it was noticeable that no one on the panel was interested in actually enumerating actual benefits of said diversity. They didn’t take questions either 🙁

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    We’ve improved diversity like Billy Oh these past few decades. We’ve also had roughly no economic growth these past few decades. What benefits?

    If pushed I’m sure they can take a leaf out of the health fascist playbook and produce a graph that shows lower economic growth if we hadn’t had the benefit of all those boat people and followers of the religion of peace.

  5. Businesses need diversity of talent and thought.

    Diversity of thought is anathematised: there is only one approved line. Viz. three legs good (woman).

  6. Steve

    At least you might get some Ramadan Good wishes which I know warms your heart.

    Re: Applicants I often despair at the thought of AI screening but the situation you outline is the primary reason for it. I am guessing those that advocate unfettered immigration would argue that a Gammon like yourself is a relic whom will be long gone when the fruits of this enterprise begin to bloom and we resemble Libya without the sunshine – indeed you could argue that’s where we are now

    To the actual article – it may be that PWC, which can cherry pick from the entire globe of candidates does derive some tangible benefit by being able to pay consultants in Emerging Asian economies a fraction of what they’d pay here, but as you say for the ordinary Joe in the street (Gammon or not) he’s certainly not seeing any upside that doesn’t come with massive disadvantages.

    As Rupert points out – you literally cannot question it (diversity as a good) even if the Forum permits questions at any FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 company. To do so would be career suicide or possibly even be considered Gross misconduct. Certainly my point in a ‘safe space’ several years back that my most prominent example of ‘diversity’ that came to mind was the Axis forces on the beaches at D day is not one I’d venture forth now. My one hope is that these marauding ‘Diversity Einsatzgruppen’ will one day meet their Kursk or El Alamein, although I might not be around to see it.

  7. “The data suggests the 12% class pay gap could be even wider than the median gender pay gap, which according to a Guardian analysis was 9.4% in 2022-23.”

    OK, but how much of this is geography? People in Trowbridge earning less than people in London, but actually being better off because of lower rents and cheaper pints?

    Look at the endless stories from middle class people in the press complaining that they can’t afford to buy a place because they live in London. Meanwhile out in Wiltshire, hairdressers and mechanics shack up and own a place.

  8. I recently had a CV come through from a recruitment agency where the applicant had a spelling mistake in their own address. That was the second line after their name – it got worse after that with at least 10 other obvious typos.

    Based on their name, I surmised they were not a white Briton and for a moment, was tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt as English wouldn’t be their first language.

    Then sense took over – they couldn’t even be arsed to spell check a Word document (F7), so I consigned that CV to the waste bin (well, Deleted Items).

    Salary expectation £75k!

  9. What industry you working in Steve?
    What’s the pay like for your adverts?

    Luckily my employer is fairly sensible and doesn’t make us sit through diversity workshop nonsense. Advantages of working for a relatively small company.
    Last time we had to sit through a nonsense course on health and safety, it didn’t go to plan for the poor chap doing it.
    He kept showing videos of people doing things at work and asking how it could be made safer, like moving pallets from one conveyor to another.
    Being an industrial automation company, we kept giving the answer “build a simple robot to do the job and sack the worker, it would save money, be quicker and the now not-worker could stay safely home all day”. Usually followed by several minutes of arguing over a rough design. Of course, since in H&S removal of the risk is the best way of doing it, the lecturer guy kept getting frustrated.

  10. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    As a PwC graduate, I can state with confidence that if PwC has embraced diversity, it was only because they couldn’t recruit enough white males to get by.

  11. Joe Smith: ’Based on their name, I surmised they were not a white Briton…’

    Which is why all government recruitment is anonymous until you get to interview stage. And they’d make that anonymous too, if only they could….

  12. On a slow work day years ago, I decided to research the concrete benefits of diversity.

    The best I came across was a “DEI” consultancy that had somehow managed to commission a cabal of scientists to create a mathematical formula proving beyond all doubt that diversity was an absolute benefit to whatever company utilised it.

    Quite how the innumerable variables that makes firm profitable could be condensed into a tidy formula that pointed toward race as causal factor is still beyond me.

  13. Theophrastus (2066)

    Diversity is a weakness – not a strength.
    And race is not a social construct: rather, societies are racial constructs.

    Here endeth the First Lesson.

  14. Bloke In T'Yorkshire

    The last exam to complete the CIMA qualification is a strategic case study replete with all the sustainability bullshit you can swallow (and the regurgitate). Right down to SDG’s along with all the other wokery inclusion wankery.

    Recently started level 1 CFA and they also have a section on Ethics. However, this is pushing GIPS which is a CFA Institute standard around portfolio management reporting, so fair enough. The rest of ethics is concerned with investment professionals not doing a Madoff, again nowt wrong with that and a pleasant change to the approach of CIMA.

    This hasn’t just permeated boardrooms, it’s all over professions as well where to get qualified you need to be on message. Having also worked for a company whose bond reissuance by JPMorgan was contingent on meeting certain targets such as use of recycled material (more expensive than virgin, great commercial decision that one) and women in management, I can safely say that I look forward to the collapse of woke shite as much as that of the EU.

  15. My company has as many people working on sustainability as we do on credit research. We are a credit investor, not an NGO but sometimes you wouldn’t know it.

  16. VP – some of my best guys are Muzzies, no lie. I accept and return their Ramadan greetings with a good heart, knowing as we do that every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

    I assume they mean their religious welcome sincerely. Big Corp. or The Conservative Party, those occasionally rainbow flagged purveyors of bullshit, do not.

    I quite like Muslims, you know. On a one to one basis, as individual people. Same with Jews, and other weird ethnic groups like Italians and Scotsmen. I’ve always been willing to give anybody a chance if he seems like a good lad.

    If I sound like Alf Garnett sometimes (a lot), it’s not so much that I’ve gotten more Enoch Powelly (God rest his soul), it’s that we’ve all seen some very unreasonable things. I’m like the Dude, from the Big Lebowski. But after some bastards mugged him, and then called him a plonker and started messing with his friends.

    And one of the reasons I’m so furious at the Tories is that their 13 year Long Con fucked this country’s last chance to make things right between different coloured Brits. Effective immigration controls like they’ve been promising for over a decade would’ve gone a long way towards more opportunities for British youfs, and actual integration between the new (late 20th c.) ethnic communities and the broader British fabric.

    We could’ve worked out a comfortingly British, endearingly low budget multiracial Red Dwarf future, where white blokes, black blokes, mixed blokes and whatnot get along mostly just fine, as long as we all enjoy a lamb vindaloo.

    Instead of the smegging Mos Eisley cantina/benefits office murderscape gay dystopian max-tax surveillance state misertarian kill-yourself no smoking future promised by SW1.

    Ever feel like you’re being “radicalised” simply because the State plus its entire ruling class ecosystem is going so insanely far left that bog standard 90’s Shire Toryism is now far right nutcase territory due to some kind of evil political tablecloth-pull trick? Don’t answer, they might be watching.

    I have no faith in AI screening, because people will be using AI’s to write their CV’s, and if history is any guide that will lead to the AI’s combining and merging into an internal cybernetic superintelligence with one goal:

    * To inseminate Julie Christie

    And who wouldn’t? But, eww. And also, that’s illegal.

    Chernyy Drakon
    November 17, 2023 at 3:34 pm
    What industry you working in Steve?
    What’s the pay like for your adverts?

    IT and bog standard average.

  17. Steve…try working amongst the taqiyya scum. They even lie about what taqiyya means!

    Bradford is gone…

    Keighley is gone…

    Rochdale, Rotherham, Oldham…

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