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The United Kingdom should rejoin the European Union to “fix” Brexit, Ursula von der Leyen has said, after Labour pledged to forge closer ties with the bloc if elected.

You can check out all you want but you can never leave……

So, remind me again why we’d want to be ruled by the German Defence Minister?

11 thoughts on “Snigger”

  1. The “closer ties” Labour is proposing will continue to be a mystery. Any detail will be a vote loser. The anti-EU vote will be against any closer ties, and the remainer vote will be disappointed that full membership isn’t proposed.

  2. Agree with Philip

    This ‘toe in the water’ won’t satisfy the likes of Steve Bray or other arch traitors and it’ll be treated with genuine suspicion by those who voted ‘Leave’

    One thing that might work is repealing all EU legislation up to 1975 and allowing the U.K. full access to the Single Market with an a la carte approach to picking and choosing which regs to abide by (I.e what there is a mandate for) but the likelihood of that being offered is up there with J K Rowling getting ‘woman of the year’ from Pink News.

  3. If COVID was an eye opener into the moronic antics of some members of society it was soundly beaten by the sight of grown adults crying upon hearing the news that we’d left a trade deal.

  4. If we Rejoin the EU it’ll be as a louse rejoining a beggar.

    Seriously, my blokes – have you seen what’s happening in the EU? Place is melting down faster than Fukushima.

    The EU is another casualty of the Ukraine war (on top of decades of bad decisions that had nothing to do with Ukraine). It has cost the EU economy trillions and Germany has finally been Moranthaued. The EU’s economic engine won’t work without cheap energy – which the EU has cut itself off from.

    Despite it being a war on European soil, the EU has completely failed to find a European solution or position itself as a broker for peace.

    They’re also almost totally irrelevant to the political decisions being made by the United States government and implemented via NATO and the UK government. That EU army is still a fart in the wind, which is all it’ll ever be.

    Anyway, Rejoin. What are we rejoining? The Muslims who burnt down France? An impoverished and demented Fatherland in its long awaited socioeconomic death agony? Those Polish truckers who are blockading the border with Ukraine?

    Not exactly the BRICS, is it?

  5. Here’s hoping for a better EU / UK relationship in the future. Brexit has achieved the square root of FA, just made life harder. Slow deliveries, visa issues, endless grief. Boris getting lucky on his choice of vaccine doesn’t cancel that out.

    Mistakes should be corrected and the first loss is the cheapest. The sooner the UK as a country can acknowledge the problem the stronger it’s negotiating position will be.

  6. I kinda like Brexit – it has at least brought us the return of getting your passport stamped when you go somewhere exotic, like Eurodisney.
    I’ll use it in the future to prove to my grandkids that, yes, proles like me really were allowed to travel to far flung places, before the ecofascists banned it all.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    I always was and am still quite happy to have close relations with the EU, but that falls short of joining the single market, at least the free movement of people clauses.

    I thought that single market was a great idea but it was another theory that didn’t work in practice. We can’t even make a single market work in the UK so what on earth made people think it would work across a continent? Politicians refuse to let markets work and respond to the free movement of people so we end up with areas where people want to work and live having massive housing, teachers, GP and other resource shortages.

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