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So why won’t Egypt let them out?

Egypt has been caught in a dilemma for weeks about opening the Rafah crossing into Gaza: wanting to help the most seriously injured Palestinians leave, but adamantly refusing to contemplate a surge of Palestinian refugees into the Sinai peninsula. “We are prepared to sacrifice millions of lives to ensure that no one encroaches upon our territory,” Egypt’s prime minister, Mostafa Madbouly, said earlier this week.
Sisi said at the Cairo peace summit on 21 October that the world must never condone the use of human suffering to force people into displacement. “Egypt has affirmed, and is reiterating, its vehement rejection of the forced displacement of the Palestinians and their transfer to Egyptian lands in Sinai, as this will mark the last gasp in the liquidation of the Palestinian cause, shatter the dream of an independent Palestinian state, and squander the struggle of the Palestinian people and that of the Arab and Islamic peoples over the course of the Palestinian cause that has endured for 75 years,” he said.

For the same reason they’ve insisted they remain stuck in there this psat 75 years. Because if they did disperse then there wouldn;t be that pressure to destroy Israel. And the 2.5 million people are to remain cooped up in order to maintain that pressure to destroy Israel.

As I’ve pointed out the calls to retake Koenigsburg come from a very few lonely old men after that third or fourth beer. Because that former population is not still stuck in a camp in Pomerania. To be brutal about it the existence of Gaza itself is what keeps the problem festering.

42 thoughts on “So why won’t Egypt let them out?”

  1. I’m absolutely certain that Sisi would have no objection whatsoever to dumping all two and a half million Gazans on the UK, or of course Oz.

    Nor would the average jihad-supporting Moslem.

  2. It’s been interesting seeing Arabs talking about “decolonizing” the Middle East, intit.

    Also interesting that the Leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition feel the need to rush to a mosque (!) to reassure an imam who can’t speak English (!) that Labour hates Israel.

    Also interesting to note that Sir Keir’s remembrance poppy magically disappears when he’s speaking to a Muslim audience.

    What’s it all about, Alfie?

  3. P.s. as Steve has mentioned poppies has anyone else noticed that the useful plastic stalks have been done away with meaning it is now impossible to wear your limp cardboard poppy in a buttonhole without recourse to a pin.

    I’m sure whoever made this decision in order to save the planet is extremely proud of zerself.

  4. The other Arabs hate the Palestinians. They consider them little better than rats who bring trouble and disorder with them. Best to keep them where they are. They are an expendable expedient.

  5. Is it cynical to believe that the
    vehement rejection of the forced displacement of the Palestinians and their transfer to Egyptian lands in Sinai
    might be for other reasons than those cited?

  6. What the Palestinians (Hezbollah) have done to Lebanon is a lesson to the rest of the world.

    Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, which won an election in Egypt, prompting Sisi’s military coup. (Aided by the CIA, possibly: certainly to the delight of the CIA.)

    But not to worry. If Humza gets his way we’ll soon have lots of lovely rocket scientists over here.

  7. I see the Pakistani government has decided enough’s enough and has started to kick out any Afghan’s without documentation.

  8. Following Finland being on the losing side, 600,000 Finns were expelled from Karelia in 1945. The land was then occupied by the USSR, and the population was replaced with Russians. I can’t remember ever hearing anybody wailing about the right of return of Karelians, or the illegal Russian settlements in Karelian territory. Instead, the Karelians were settled in the rest of Finland and everybody got on with their lives.

    In 1948, the UN authorised the creation of the State of Israel on a minuscule strip of land, a preposterously small part of the Protectorate originally set up to provide the Jews with a homeland. Its Arab neighbours promptly attacked, and were equally promptly beaten (this history repeated itself on several occasions) and Israel gradually gained a more sensible extent of land.

    The point is that, yes, it’s painful to lose your land, but being on the losing side of a war has consequences, and your state will normally make arrangements to resettle you. For other examples from the 1940’s, think of the Indians and Pakistanis, the Germans in the Baltic states, Czechoslovakia and East Prussia, and the Poles in what is now Belarus. Not to speak of the 6 or 700,000 Jews expelled from Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Syria and other places at the time of the establishment of Israel. In those cases, solutions were found, eventually peace treaties were agreed (not until 1990 in the case of the Germans) and everybody got on with their lives.

    But not in the case of the “Palestinians”. Why not?

  9. Dennis, Twatty Something or Other

    To be brutal about it the existence of Gaza itself is what keeps the problem festering.

    To be even more brutal about it: 99% of Arabs cannot stand the Palestinians. They see them as a bunch of self-destructive, self-defeating pains in the ass. And because they’re self-destructive and self-defeating, they’ve aligned themselves with the one regime in the Middle East everyone hates… Iran. The Arabs may not like Israel all that much, but they like Iran even less.

  10. AGN.

    I’d guess that the problem with the Palestinians is that they’re still ‘refugees’ after 70 odd years. In camps that we pay for.

    Naturally they don’t want to leave them and have to go to work. So they cherish their victim status and demand that everyone else give them more, more, more!!!!!

  11. If we’re going to talk history, there’s another side to it, isn’t there? Go back more 75 years, Jews were a minority in what is now Israel. Go back further & it’s a Christian kingdom before the Muslims took it over. As far as validity’s concerned, setting up a Jewish state in Palestine makes about as much sense as Anglo Saxons claiming a homeland in Southern Denmark. It was a profoundly stupid idea, the consequences of which rattle down to today.

  12. History is pretty conclusive that the Jewish people are indigenous to the area, which is the problem as the various groups have been fighting for throughout recorded history, the recent western possession (let’s not forget the romans were also there a while back) was just a blip in a long conflict.

  13. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Actually we’re on, if memorsy serves, the 49th Imam. At least if my forebears are to be believed. He’s apparently very keen on racehorses and lingerie models.

    I definitely think we need to lay this one at the door of the former colonial power. They should step in to solve the problem immediately.

    By issuing all Gazans Turkish passports.

  14. koran, hadith and sira all make it explicitly clear that any land that is/was moslem can never, ever be not moslem. Period.
    The moslems got 77% of the British Mandate of Palestine but that was never ever going to satisfy the moslems because of the mentality inculcated by the above, and other moslem states won’t accept refugees from moslem lands because of this too – see the 3 million tents in saudi arabia used for the faithful making the haj but not allowed to be used to house moslem refugees……… It’s nothing to do with palestinians being mental, just moslem doctrine.

    John @ 11.49, we will see, in the not too distant future when iran has a bomb, just what these cunts are willing to sacrifice to get rid of the jews. Unless we get them first………..

    A war with islam is not a war we want, but it is war that they want and not one we can hide away from.

  15. @BIS – Jews have been living in the area for 3000 years. They are called jews because they originally came from Judea. Jerusalem is mentioned dozens of time in the bible and not once in the Koran. The area was renamed Syria Palaestina. after the 3rd revolt of the Jews against the Roman empire ie the 3 judean roman wars, the last one in 135ad. I’d say that qualifies as being a Jewish homeland. You might ponder why arabs are called arabs (hint it’s because they come from Arabia). As the so called Palestinians ( a people made up by the KGB) are arabs perhaps them who are in the wrong place.

  16. War, huh?

    You know what, blokes?

    Muslims and Jews face a common threat from white supremacists. We must fight it together
    Jonathan Freedland and Mehdi Hasan

    I think I’m going to sit this one out.

    Good luck, Semites!

  17. I’d guess that the problem with the Palestinians is that they’re still ‘refugees’ after 70 odd years. In camps that we pay for.


    I wish everyone, including obviously the bbc who are wedded to the highly emotive phrase, would stop saying “refugee camps” conjuring up a vision of tents and temporary shelters in muddy fields..

    The Gaza “camps” are generally multi-storey apartment blocks similar to those seen in many other cities around the world except for the extensive restricted-access underground features.

    Mind you, you’re spot on about the “we pay for it”. It’s just that so much more of the worlds contributions are utilised on other construction and infrastructure projects.

  18. Doesn’t it represent the leftist mistaken belief that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, what else’s would explain the support from lgbt and feminist groups for Islam

  19. Tim – I don’t see how that matters.

    When somebody tells me what they think of me, I believe them.

    Number of Guardian articles I’ve written suggesting people “team up” to “fight” other races: 0

  20. Unless ‘fucks’ are falling out the trees or lying on the ground waiting to be picked up, I don’t have one to give about this situation….except, except….we’ve imported it into the UK and instead of it being something happening far away that won’t affect us much, it’s on our streets.

    Another benefit of diversity. Instead of seeing it on the TV, we need only look out the window.

  21. Jews have been living in the area for 3000 years.
    So what? The English’s ancestors were living in S. Denmark/N. Germany for 1500 years until some of them took a stroll & a swim/boat west. No doubt the rest are still living there. So when the Muslims have driven them out of Britain they claim it as a homeland? Don’t know how their long separated cousins would feel about that.
    One of the problems is trying to look at this from a European cultural point of view. In European culture, you are where you live & farm. Jews are culturally goat herders. You are what your nth grandfather was ( or since the Cossack rape & pillage, nth grandmother) Tribal people follow the goat herd. Which is why they’ve never integrated wherever they’ve gone to. If Europeans had been the same they’d have all be pagans, not followers of an upstart Middle Eastern religion.

  22. IIRC the reason the Palestinians are jn their current situation is because they rewarded Jordan for their hospitality by trying to usurp the government there

  23. “I can’t remember ever hearing anybody wailing about the right of return of Karelians”.

    I can trump you there. At a conference in Prague, just after liberation, I talked to a Finn at our conference dinner in a beer cellar.

    “What do you make of it all?” I demanded.

    “I want my granny’s cottage back” said he.

    P.S. I shared a room with a Finn once, a PhD student in Physics. His English was excellent. I expect his Finnish was too. And maybe his Swedish, German, and Russian. In Britain we graduate student of the Humanities who can’t even read a foreign language never mind speak one.

  24. “As the so called Palestinians …” Israeli Jews should be careful about biblical arguments. Firstly because most of the OT is rubbish – foundation myths, demonstrably not history. Secondly because the Palestinians have a larger fraction of descent from the Palestinian Jews of the time of Jesus that the Ashkenazi Jews have.

    Interestingly some of the “fathers” of modern Israel held that latter point to be bloody obvious. But then they were brutally frank hard men, some of those chaps. Nowadays their successors spin tales aimed, I imagine, at American Christians. Not frank, brutally or otherwise.

  25. Starfish – yep, the PLO, led by none other than Yasser Arafat, tried to more or less take over Jordan. And, surprise surprise, generally operated out of refugee “camps”. The Jordanian army won and kicked them out – to Lebanon. Which kicked off the civil war there.

    No Arab country is going to let any significant numbers of Palestinians in if they can help it. They’ve seen what happens.

  26. If there were lots of German refugees would we let them in on the grounds that they are, like us, Christian (or post-Christian) and we speak a Germanic language?

    Hard question. We normally let every Tom. Dick, and Harry in, but I suppose if we made an exception it would be for people like the Germans.

    “These people have too much in common with us: keep the rascals out!”

  27. I doubt the rest of the Arab world hates the Palestinians.

    I think it’s more, they fear them and handle them gently, just as you’d treat your gonzo attack dog. They want the Pals in that spot constantly stabbing at Israel. They’ve trained them for decades to consider themselves the sharp point on Islam’s sword, and now they do, and the Arabs get a little sweaty if they think about them running amok around their own lands.

    They’re sort of a proxy penis for Islam to try to screw the Jews.

  28. Jonathan – Yes, it also reminds me of various other articles and tweets published by our ancient friends in the not too distant past.

    I think after maybe the 3,000th time you read about how the white race is “cancer” and “whiteness” needs to be “abolished”, you start noticing. Mongo only pawn in game of Life, but Mongo knows it’s not the Eskimos.

    “White supremacy” is a racist conspiracy theory designed to justify theft, rape and murder against People of Civilisation. It should be punished with the full force of the law.

  29. Although some are still clinging to that old trope about the Jews not belo ginger to Judea, the historical evidence ce shows the Palis are very recent interlopers & have always been a minority, excerpt here
    “I’d like to advance some newly acquired facts to change the narrative that Jews are colonizers who have used and abused the Arabs with ancient ties to the land. Actually, these facts are new to me but, in point of fact, they have a history. In the late 1600s, Hadriani Relandi, a polyglot who spoke several European languages, along with Arabic, Ancient Greek, and Hebrew, traveled to Ottoman Palestine. Upon his return, he wrote a two-volume magnum opus called Palaestina et Monumentis Veteribus Illustrata, which translates to Palestine and Ancient Monuments Illustrated. The book is in Latin so, if you’re comfortable with the language, you can read Volume I here and Volume II here.

    If you don’t want to read the books, this Facebook post summarizes what Relandi found when he traveled through Palestine, then a far-flung outpost of the Ottoman Empire. If you read the post, the most important takeaway is that Palestine was not an Arab land; it was (and is) a Jewish and Christian land.”

  30. Problem is, taking that as a guide Americans have no right of abode west of the 13 colonies & new Orleans is Spanish.
    My personal position & the one I’m happy with is Israelis hold Israel by right of conquest. The same right produced most of the frontiers of Europe & by which the Crown sits on the throne of England.
    International law is something powerful nations inflict on the less powerful. It it only applies to them when it suits them.

  31. Interesting that there are claims* that Israel wants to ethnicly cleanse Gaza and isn’t it disgraceful, yet no-one is mentioning that the land of the pure (Pakistan, ICYDK) is currently deporting 1.7 million Afghans.

    *It appears they have a plan to do just that, but anyway…….

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