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Stop being so damn American

The following day, an unhoused man searching for recyclable material in a dumpster between a restaurant and a hair salon

Or perhaps be more archaically American. A tramp searching the bins – or a hobo dumpster diving – but “unhoused”? Gerraway…..

8 thoughts on “Stop being so damn American”

  1. Steve across the Pond

    I prefer vagrant.

    American? No. Leftist idiots? Yes. Those people are obsessed with euphemisms. See also juveniles, teens, and youths.

    The new hotness I’ve been seeing everywhere is saying enslaved instead of slaves.

  2. “who represented A-list stars including Dolly Parton, George Clooney, Whoopi Goldberg and Prince Edward.”

    Edward will be pleased with that i reckon.

  3. Funnily, the kind of Septics most likely to use feel good terms like “unhoused” are also the ones least likely to do anything to help them.

    Stepping over a corpse on your way to your job at Google isn’t helping.

    Most likely to man soup kitchens and distribute clothes and blankets to the poor are bigoted, politically incorrect Christians.

  4. I was listening to a New Discourses podcast the other day, which claims that the left in America use terms like ‘unhoused’ instead of homeless to suggest that someone has done their lack of a home to them, rather than the homeless person being too drugged up, chaotic or nuts to keep a house. It’s twisting language to support an agenda.

  5. Yeah, replacing action-neutral descriptive adjectives with transient verbs, explying an actor acting on them. It’s a type of fraud.

  6. Daniel, jgh: The other Mr Blair had that right 75 years ago, after observing товарищи Lenin & Stalin.

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