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That’s how democracy works, Bubba

The emperor has no clothes. But were the election today, Trump would win

Who wins ain’t the choice of right thinking people, it’s the choice of the people – who will then get it good and hard.

26 thoughts on “That’s how democracy works, Bubba”

  1. In this instance I respectfully disagree as the last election was decided by a small number of “right thinking people” fortifying the electoral process in the wee small hours of Wednesday 4th November in the likes of Philadelphia, Atlanta, Madison and Phoenix.

    Expect more of the same in 12 months time.

  2. ‘One has signed historic climate and infrastructure legislation’

    That would be enough to persuade me to vote for Trump, even without the politically motivated lawfare the Dems are waging against him.

    I can understand why they’re terrified. Imagine a majority of the American people thinking like me!!

  3. Trump, meanwhile, is facing 91 criminal indictments in Atlanta, Miami, New York and Washington DC, some of which relate to an attempted to overthrow the US government

    What a ridiculous banana republic the USA is.

  4. Agreed Steve. But the writer seems to have a problem differentiating between his nouns & his verbs. Suggesting the UK’s an illiterate banana monarchy. Anyone care to disagree with that? Except on the basis of lack of banana cultivation?

  5. “Since Biden took office the US economy has added a record 14m jobs while his list of legislative accomplishments has earned some comparisons with those of Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson.”

    There are none so blind as those that cannot see.

    The “record 14m jobs” claim is nonsense and just a result of Covid. Meanwhile new legislation doesn’t guarantee success. Anyone with the remotest curiosity would try and work out why Biden is unpopular. What happened to journalism?

  6. BiS – I don’t disagree at all.

    Do you feel a little bit sick to your stomach when you see King T LARPing as our Christian monarch?

    I do. None of these people have our back. None deserves his position. None can be trusted with anything.

    I have more faith in face eating tropical spiders and toilet ghosts.

  7. That’s how democracy works, Bubba


    @ James Clifton

    What happened to journalism?

    As the western economies approached implosion, and the ability of the powers to bribe their fat, stupid and somnolent ‘voters’ with bread and circuses reached its end point, the powers seized control of the media in an attempt to gaslight those same ‘voters’, while also preparing to introduce sweeping stop, search and detention powers in a further desperate attempt to stave off their own grisly demises at the hands of millions of starving yobs?

  8. Never do these people consider why they have become so unpopular despite all the legislative accomplishments and the jobs created. Most of the jobs have been created in some of the red states; job creation in many of the blue states is far less robust, suggesting that a state’s policies have more effect than do the fed’s. All the legislative accomplishments are giving people a good sense of just what sort of society the Democrats want to create, which you can see very clearly if you live in a blue state, and it appears that about half, and perhaps even a fraction more than half, want no part of it.

    That said, Trump is a very flawed vessel into which to put one’s hopes. I’m hoping someone else bubbles to the top of the sewer, but we’ll see. The courts appear determined to jail him, and they just might. But that just might make him even more popular. We live in strange times.

  9. Dennis, Clear-Eyed As Always

    Despite a puerile display in court in the New York fraud case, Trump outpolls Biden, whose impressive record isn’t translating into support

    Just a thought here: If Biden’s “impressive record” isn’t translating into support, then perhaps his record isn’t all that impressive.

  10. It’s going to be interesting as the court cases and running Biden again could mean a lot of middle of the road people just don’t turn out to vote as they are fed up with the entire process this time around.
    Biden won due to a record turnout which came from 4 years of demonising Trump by the media and establishment, if those people aren’t motivated to vote it likely hits Biden harder than Trump.

  11. Trump would win – because Biden has shown everyone, yes, even hardcore Progressive Democrats, that he sucks.

    Harris has shown that she sucks (figuratively;)

    Newsome – same.

    They don’t get to complain that people prefer a ‘poser’ like Trump if all they put up in competition are other posers that are even worse.

  12. I will be entertained to see Trump running the US from a jail cell.

    But then again, as president he can pardon himself can’t he?

  13. ” Election fortifying increases…”


    Maybe this time around Biden can receive double the votes that Obama did. I’m surprised they let him beat Obama’s totals the first time around.

  14. Sir Pterry wins again. In his universe the Australians put the PM in jail the moment he’s elected. Saves time….

  15. That said, Trump is a very flawed vessel into which to put one’s hopes.

    Sure, aren’t we all.

    What I would like to know from Senor Trump is: assume he’s able to regain the White House.

    What’s he going to do differently?

    Last time, he walked into office, seemingly oblivious to several slow rolling coup attempts that ended up crippling his presidency. His own party refused to accept their victory in the 2016 presidential election, the GOP was working against him from day one and even refused to release any money for the (wildly popular) border wall project.

    His own VP was a rat, working for the other team, and so were most of his other appointments, senior and junior. The letter agencies were out to fuck him, and so were the entire US institutional media plus Wall Street plus Silicon Valley.

    Judges ensured any Executive Orders he signed would be illegal on the basis of the newly discovered jurisprudential theory that Orange Man Bad. Generals and Admirals lied to his face as their Commander in Chief. Federal agencies more or less openly defied his administration.

    So, what would Donald John Trump do differently? Genuinely curious to know.

  16. Terry Pratchett – The Last Continent. Very good, very funny. Includes the drop bear joke, a lovely extended scene about the naming of desserts (no, really), Priscilla in the Desert is a major plot background, some Mad Max. It’s really a very, very, good satire of what Europeans think they know about Oz. Forget – or don’t worry about – the magic, dwarves, wizards and everything, the fantasy setting. It’s near the beginning of the series of his novels that are gorgeous, really very good indeed comic/satiric novels that just happen to be set in a magic/fantasy background. After the early few that are really just comic fantasy novels and before the late decline (hey, he died of dementia) where you can see the structure but the truly grand jokes aren’t quite there.

    It’ll be in the local second hand bookshop, most assuredly. It’s very definitely worth reading. I thoroughly recommend it. Seriously, make yourself happy for a few housrs with it. It’s a gorgeous comic novel.

  17. Tim: The bit riding the donkey that ignores the geography had me laughing so much I was struggling to keep my eyes open, and I was picturing it so vividly I became certain I’d seen it in a cartoon somewhere.

    The world is so much less pleasant with the absense of PTerry.

  18. Obvs eyes closed – it’s a pony…..but yes it’s a glorious comic novel. Which doesn’t, in fact, rely upon witches and magik and so on. Sure, they’re the background, some of the logic of some of the jokes. But it’s just glorious comic writing. That play off a pavlova, peach melba, in the Opera House kitchen gets me (I’ve worked in commercial kitchens….)

  19. Tim Worstall said:
    “Terry Pratchett – The Last Continent. Very good, very funny. … It’s near the beginning of the series of his novels that are gorgeous, really very good indeed comic/satiric novels that just happen to be set in a magic/fantasy background. After the early few that are really just comic fantasy novels and before the late decline”

    Agreed (although I’d say some of the City Watch books got there first). But definitely, yes, his middle period books are the best place to start.

    His early ones satirise fantasy novels (and other genres, e.g. the Hamlet one); very funny, but only really good if you’re familiar with what he’s satirising. In the later ones he sadly seemed to lose his ear for dialogue. But in between he turned out pure gold (probably why there were so many dwarves in them).

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