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The future of actual conservatism however

She’s got to go, Rishi, or the party’s over
There’s no time to dither, the future of the Conservatives depends on sacking Braverman and seeing off the hard right

Depends upon you doing exactly that. It’s only be there being a fracture – chasm perhaps – between the wet careerists and the actual conservatives that Conservatism has any future at all. That gap beween the “far right” (which is, essentially, what everyone thought two decades back) and the current Tory Party can either come out within the Conservative Party or without it but it is going to happen.

16 thoughts on “The future of actual conservatism however”

  1. I agree with Matthew Parris.

    If British Conservatism doesn’t stand for the mores and values of wealthy, London based, Brexit-hating homosexual journalists, what does it stand for?

    We should listen to Matthew Parris, he has imbibed much wisdom through his anus.

  2. British politics should revert to what God wanted: Whigs vs Tories. The problem is finding some Tories. The other problem is finding some Whigs.

  3. Grikath – you’re not missing anything. Bog standard vicious elderly queen hissing and snarling at anybody more right wing than Tony Blair for the 4,000th time since the proles being allowed to vote for Brexit and then Boris caused his rectum to pucker.

    Parris has nothing to offer and nothing to say, but that’s par for the course. There’s simply nothing there but a nastily squirming bag of writhing appetites, marinated in bile and broad spectrum antibiotics.

  4. The party is already over

    Sunak, starmer etc just don’t realise it

    The implosion of the Tory party and labour party is funnily enough over the same thing

    I forsee a Great Reset and it won’t be pretty

  5. The current headline for Mail Online is “MET GETS TOUGH

    At last, you might think, but read the subhead and it’s:

    ” . . . cops warn anyone who attacks London pro-Palestinian demo WILL be locked up”

  6. All the arrests are among the Robinson mob and are for alleged offences including carrying a knife and baton, assaulting a police officer and possession of a controlled substance.

    Remember: the British police are still working in partnership with paedophile grooming gangs. There’s not a Chief Constable in the land who can be trusted.

  7. I think it’s high time all these so called ‘peaceful protesters’ (aka useful idiots supporting a known ‘terrorist group proscribed by every western organisation except the BBC’ ) were rounded up and fucking shot. Or deported. Or fucking shot and deported.
    I mean, we shouldn’t have to tolerate all these marches by Buddhist, Christian, Sikh, Atheist, Hindu, Seventh Day Adventist, Jewish terrorist sympathisers. Or perhaps there is another faction that has demonstrated (ho ho) a willingness to have marches promoting hate and bile against another religious minority/country and which threaten violence against anyone who disagrees with them?

  8. My comment on the article:

    “Parris is out there, he can’t be bargained with, he can’t be reasoned with, he doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and he absolutely will not stop… EVER, until the last Brexit supporter is dead!”

    You might even be tempted to believe there could be something to all his lather about the “far right” (code for “supporters of democratic decisions”) having taken over the Conservative party, as long as you close your eyes to the real world. The real world where we have HS2, Nut Zero and thousands of other woke projects, and any attempt to implement the decision of the referendum is blocked by the blob.

  9. Chris – Matthew Parris is 74.

    He should stop worrying about Brexit, and start worrying about spending an eternity in the fires of Hell, where all Remoaners and journalists go.

  10. I think it’s high time all these so called ‘peaceful protesters’ (aka useful idiots supporting a known ‘terrorist group proscribed by every western organisation except the BBC’ ) were rounded up and fucking shot. Or deported. Or fucking shot and deported.

    Better to take them at their word and ask for a couple of hundred volunteers from their ranks (with the organisers first on the list) to swap places with the Israeli hostages. After all, they’ve all been chanting about holy war and how they wish they too could be martyrs. Now would be their chance to demonstrate their commitment to their faith.

    It would get them closer to their ceasefire too, as the IDF would have achieved at least one of their objectives with the release of the hostages.

  11. Yeah. I’ve been reading about the far right yobbos. I’ve also been getting Whatsapps from a mate travelled down to London to put himself in the way of the Pali lovers desecrating the remembrance activity if the police were too cowardly to stop them. He recently buried his mother. The last of the wartime generation. His family, like mine, didn’t all survive it.
    Far right? Well he does believe in working for a living & doesn’t support Corbyn, So I suppose he must be extreme far right.

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