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The importance here is the breaking of ranks

Emmanuel Macron breaks ranks to call for Gaza ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war
French president used term for first time at aid conference in Paris, with most Western nations favouring ‘humanitarian pause’

‘Manny needs to break ranks. Doesn’t really matter what the policy is, or even the issue, but to be different is important.

Because otherwise how would France be relevant in hte world if they weren’t being shouted at?

27 thoughts on “The importance here is the breaking of ranks”

  1. I don’t think Israel is going to take lectures from a Muslim country, but nice try anyway Micro.

    I hope they free the hostages, then nuke Gaza. Israelis shouldn’t have to live next to homocidal lunatics.

    Nobody should.

  2. Israelis shouldn’t have to live next to homocidal lunatics.

    I think there’s going to be an absence of tall buildings in Gaza without having to nuke the place (however good an idea that may be!).

  3. BiW – Yarp.

    All those “refugee camps” that look like any other Arab city. In that “open air prison” Muzzies go on holiday to. Always gleefully sowing jihad, and then ostentatiously crying and wailing when the reaper comes.


    People who use their own children as props in snuff films… Do we need em?

    Palestine Is Asshoe. Israel – do your stuff.

  4. Here’s an awful scenario, Hamas did what they did, Israel do what they are doing and at some point when Gaza is virtually taken they detonate a nuke from iran/some Russian general and the middle east goes up in flames .

  5. Mitch

    Do you mean Hamas blows up Gaza? Or Iran blows up Jerusalem?

    Still, on the off-chance that the Middle East DOES go up in flames, we need to frack, frack, frack NOW!! And the Yanks really need to build that Keystone pipeline.

  6. TMB – C’est le mot juste

    Bboy – Yarp. If they were serious about winning WW3, we’d be fracking like the clappers now.

    We’d be digging as much coal, drilling as much oil, and building as much atomic pile as we reasonably can. It would be a massive national programme on the order of HS2, but directed at something useful.

    We would also be building as many armour, munitions and drone factories as we possibly can.

    They’re doing none of those things, which suggests WW3 should be a fairly easy victory for the Chinese led world order.

    Can’t win wars without money, men, and materiel. And these things can’t be magicked out of the MoD’s arse at will. Russia fired 12 million artillery rounds at Ukraine in 2022 – how many have we got in our stockpile? How many can we make a year? How many artillery tubes, tanks and IFVs can we field?

    The answer is only enough to sustain a high intensity war for perhaps a few weeks at best. But nobody seems worried by that. Does NATO believe it is invincible?

    Just over 12 years ago, our perception of the world changed overnight when the Muslims brought down the Twin Towers in America. That was one of them previously unimaginable BAME Swan events.

    The next BAME swan could well be the sinking of a United States Navy aircraft carrier, and then the horrifying realisation that the West is locked in a war of attrition with a much wealthier enemy who has more of everything than we do.

    This is the position Japan found itself in, after their marvellously executed attack on Pearl Harbor.

  7. “Israelis shouldn’t have to live next to homocidal lunatics.”

    Neither should Palestinians. Something else they have in common, then, in addition to lots of their DNA.

  8. DM – Palestinians (Arabs) are physically safe from Jews in most circumstances short of provoking the Hewbrews to war.

    Can’t say the same goes t’other way around.

    So no, I don’t agree that there is any moral equivalence. Israel is a nice country, Palestine is Terrorist Butlins. We get a lot of good stuff from Israel, but we don’t need Palestine at all.

  9. As pointed out before:
    If you took all the weapons away from the arabs there would be peace in the Middle East.
    If you took all the weapons away from the Is ra eelies there would be no Israel.

  10. As president of North Mahgreb the Mekron is obliged to say something anti Israel.
    But he may be making a mistake. All the sound and fury is in the West, not on the Arab street. The Middle East hasn’t erupted in flames and even Hezbollah are being pretty economical with their rockets.
    Hamas delenda est, and it looks like none of the neighbours are going to do anything to stop it.
    Ironically, any Palestinian washed up on Dover beach would certainly qualify for refugee status, but we don’t want any more rocket scientists, thanks all the same.

  11. Doesn’t really matter what the policy is, or even the issue, but to be different is important.

    Odd, though, how frequently La Différence is in the direction of surrender; perhaps a confusion with deference.

    No surprise, of course, how spiteful they are in victory once they’ve been rescued by those other ranks.

  12. PJF – yarp, I have difficulty with my mental calendar still thinking the early 2000’s were a lot more recent than they are.

    Now I understand how old boys I used to talk to in the 80’s spoke of WW2 as if it was just five years ago. They seemed inconceivably ancient to me.

  13. My moderate opinon is that every square metre of Gaza should be bombed continuously until it’s rubble, and then bombed some more. Delenda est.

  14. Must admit that what really pisses me off is that damned aid conference.

    In other words, our money is being wasted to support Hamas and keep this damned war going on and on and on and on.

    And such influence as we have is being wasted to hold Israel back instead of letting them simply blast or starve the place and simply finish the business.

    It’s because we’re actually fighting ourselves that none of these stupid wars ever end.

  15. Odd given that Macron has been running around trying to rebuild the anti-ISIS as an anti-Hamas coalition, and getting the obvious turn-downs from dictators who knew ISIS was a genuine threat to their safety but Hamas isn’t.

  16. I guess that’s Tim’s point really. If he couldn’t make a splash in world affairs one way, time to try the other.

  17. Macron doesn’t know of the word laissez-faire.
    Stay out of it Mani, it’s a toxic issue and no-one has any good ideas how to solve it. Just keep the peace at home. If Tony Blair has looked at all the ones proposed so far and come up short, then stay short and stay out of it. Likewise Rishi. No positions or stances are needed.

  18. “Probably best not to elect homicidal lunatics as your government, then.”

    Gaza and Israel both.

    I don’t know why people take sides rather than just saying “Thank God it’s none of our business if two tribes of Canaanites want to fight over the same patch of earth.”

  19. It may be that the good idea that might actually work doesn’t profit Blair in any way, in which case it is probably actually completely invisible to him.

  20. Though now I think about it dearieme, I’d have to argue that Eisenhower was wrong all those years ago.

    What keeps all these wars going is not the military/industrial complex but the media/do-gooder complex. But of course I always love yet another excuse to give all these grifters the finger.

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