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There’s a simple solution to this

Often enough, indeed, simple solutions are wrong.

BBC radio star struggles with ‘too many white colleagues’
Nihal Arthanayake tells diversity conference that no Muslims are involved ‘in the senior editorial processes’ at Radio 5 Live

This solution is simple but it’s not wrong. Fuck off Matey.

No, not because of immigration, religion, race or anything like that at all. It’s that editors are not representatives of the workforce. They’re controllers of it.

BTW, have you ever in your puff seen such a naked insistence upon gaining a promotion? For Nihal is, clearly and obviously, suggesting that Nihal should be joining the senior editors….

15 thoughts on “There’s a simple solution to this”

  1. Gaslighting 101:

    The presenter told a journalism diversity conference on Wednesday: “It’s really affecting me that I walk in and all I see is white people.”

    His colleagues’ response when he told them this was to reply defensively that they were not being racist

    Diversity: I hate the sight of you.

    Diversity’s hosts: Sorry! We’re not racist!!!1

    Ever seen a dog that’s been kicked too much?

  2. I’m pleased to see that he accepts that too many blacks like him affect my mental health. So he should bugger off to where his lot came from.

  3. OT: did anyone see the white dude in the Kenyan XC championships. Got called a Muzungu – which I think is a much more wonderful name than gaijin or laowai.

  4. Whenever I come across a racist like this I always hold the remark up to the mirror and look at the reflection.
    What would Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa say to me if I was in Jo’berg working in radio there and said “Coming in to work each day and seeing so many black people is affecting my mental health”?

    Lions are more plentiful there, so…

  5. How does he know there are no other Muslims? Can white people not be his co-religionists? Is he conflating race/ethnicity with religion? With such uncertainty in his language I’m surprised he’s risen to the heights of the journalism profession as he has.

    Radio 5 Live, more like Radio Fifth Column Live.

    Why did you people come here?

    Air…water…your “sun.”

    Where do your people come from?

    (no answer)

    Where is your home?


    And before here?

    Many worlds…

    Can we negotiate a truce? is
    there room for co-existance?
    (no answer)
    Can there be peace between us?

    Peace? No peace.

    What do you want us to do?


  7. Radio star? He gets about 1.5m listeners to his 3 hour show, which if I recall, is something like anyone listening for 20 minutes with radio. And a lot of those just want weather and traffic updates, so you could fill 90% of the time with someone reading the phone book and you’d still get half of that.

    The irony is that along with Lenny “unfunny” Henry, they’ve been huge beneficiaries of the White Guilt System, but complain about it. Neither of these people has earned a bean from people willingly handing over their cash for decades. They depend on institutions that are shit scared of appearing to be racist, so carve out some special money for these no talents.

    The BBC should hire a couple of Muslims to be in charge of the show, but whichever the other sort is. Like, if he’s Shia, hire Sunni. Then make popcorn and see what happens.

  8. Person working in country that is 90%+ white horrified and can’t cope with 90%+ of his office being white.
    It would be pathetic if it wasn’t so pitiful.

  9. Bear with me on this because I may not have all the names correct but there was that furore not long ago when a former lady-in-waiting of our late Queen unpardonably asked someone at a royal shindig where they hailed from.

    The individual ran a charity called Hopeless and Hateful and went by a name that she’d picked out of the Port Harcourt telephone directory although she had been born Doris Dullname in Trinidad. The evil old trout was taken to the Tower where she was stoned to death as part of the governments new policy of diversity in sentencing.

    Nihal Arthanayake for his part is too idle to find a suitable new handle to match his grievance and as any fule ethnogrpher no:
    1) Arthanayake is a Singalese name.
    2) By background he will be either a buddhist (probably) or a christian (possibly).
    3) Moslems are a distinct minority in Sri Lanka and are discouraged from becoming uppity.

    Apparently Princess Kate and King Charles are the named horrid racists for wondering about the hue of Meghan’s baby. This seems excessively good-natured of them. They might more offensively have conjectured whether it was going to turn out like its mother.

  10. Bloke n North Dorset

    “ And a lot of those just want weather and traffic updates, ”

    Really? How quaint.

    “ The BBC should hire a couple of Muslims to be in charge of the show, but whichever the other sort is. Like, if he’s Shia, hire Sunni. Then make popcorn and see what happens.”

    Excellent idea, I might even be tempted to listen.

  11. BBC presenter says ‘overwhelmingly white’ workplace is a Detriment to mental health

    Not because of what they do or say, but seeing them

    There is a solution Mr Arthanayake
    . “If thine eyes offend thee, plucketh them out”

  12. By background he will be either a buddhist (probably) or a christian (possibly).

    Most likely christian – he was “educated” at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, an up-graded(?) left-footer former teacher training college.

    You do find universities in the strangest places these days…

  13. … for wondering about the hue of Meghan’s baby.

    Does the source say if anyone openly wondered about the paternity? Obviously would be poor taste within earshot of Harry Hewitt.

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