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Those bastards at Google

I bet there will be at least someone taking the wrong lesson from this. The bastards at Google with their market power!

Google’s 36% search revenue share with Apple is 3x what Android OEMs get

Wrong lesson. That’s a market of bastard Apple’s market power.

Think about it. Money flows to the one with the power….

2 thoughts on “Those bastards at Google”

  1. This goes back to what funded the development of Firefox – Google paid a lot of money to be the default search engine. From there, they probably realised they should fund development of a browser and OS and not be anyone’s bitch.

    You can see why they put so much into it. If you can get users off Safari there’s a huge saving for Google.

  2. Yes, and also no.

    Apple materially influences how their customers search, and their customers tend towards richer and a higher propensity to spend. They are worth more than the average Android customer, and Apple can charge for that.

    Apple has another type of power too.. it has more money than God, and it can build or buy it’s own search engine and make that the default.. which is the closest thing to a non-governmental existential threat to Google’s power in search and advertising.. and that is why Google hands over the really big bucks, to preserve that dominance, which is why this is so relevant to the case at hand. It is anti-competitive and both of them are happy with the arrangement.

    So if anyone isn’t ok with all this, the specific sinner here is probably Apple. But Google accepting these terms is indicative of their wider sins as an (alleged) monopolist. They have power too…including the power to tell Apple to fuck off. There’s a reason they haven’t.

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