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Umm, well, no

Prosecutors insisted that he behaved like “a sultan” who chose to “liven up his evenings with a group of concubines, in the sense of sex slaves, who entertained him for a fee.”

Someone being paid is not a slave.

11 thoughts on “Umm, well, no”

  1. “The prime minister wanted to draw up an amicable deal and leave us comfortable for the rest of our lives,” she said.

    Yeah, securing the retirement package is often tricky for whores. It’s not a long career.

    Should’ve popped out a baby or two, or become a Tory MP or something.

  2. 3 million!!
    3 million Lira would perhaps be reasonable as payment for reputational loss.
    *Comfortable* for the rest of their lives would involve topping up their income to, say, £20k after tax until they need residential care (bit more then) – and if she is still working as a model that is nil for the next few years – ceratainly a lot less than £1m in total.

  3. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    This is the country that once voted a former porn star into parliament. In fact possibly more than once.

    The reputation of these ladies was hardly damaged by the sexual nature of their association with Mr Berlusconi.

    On the other hand, his heirs are of course on the hook for whatever contracts he chose to enter in to. I suspect we will see them being bought out, for what will in any case amount to pocket change for this crew.

  4. “Should’ve (,,,) become a Tory MP or something.”

    Oh, come on! Surely they shoud be able to retain a little self-respect.

  5. …she suffered irreparable damage to her image…
    Curious. I would have expected to her to have been dining out on her image. Very well paid variety of dining out. Must be some other Milan the article mentions.

  6. Technically not true. The slavery is in the compulsion, not the payment. If she is paid £1,000 an hour but forced to be there, she is a slave. If she is paid nothing but is willing, she is a volunteer. If she is both paid and willing, she is an employee.

  7. My experience, women can be pretty compulsive over 1k/hour. Danger of getting trampled in the rush.

    Which is also my response to her claims. Of course the “sex slaves” were willing. Merest whiff of a gig like this would have hundreds queueing around the block. You’d have your work cut out trying to find an unwilling one. Which is also my opinion of the Epstein saga. Since it’s so easy finding willing talent, why the hell would anyone go to the effort of grooming them? If there was guilt of anything, it was not checking proof of age carefully enough.

  8. “Ms Sorcinelli insists that like the other glamour models, dancers and aspiring actresses who were swept up in the bunga bunga scandals, she suffered irreparable damage to her image and deserves the financial help.”

    The six words after “other” should be “whores.” “Were swept up in” should be “rushed to cash in on.” Not sure how the image of such a one, doing such a thing, can be damged.

  9. ‘Which is also my opinion of the Epstein saga.’

    Which is also my opinion of the Weinstein saga as well.

    Still, the Mighty Mo developed rules that stop this nonsense about 1400 odd years ago. And no doubt our society will soon be taken over by his enlightened worshippers. To the joy of the ladies.

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