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A health charity that helps women suffering from endometriosis has been criticised for appointing a trans woman as its chief executive.

Endometriosis South Coast (ESC) announced on Sunday evening that it had appointed Steph Richards as its new leader and that she would help its mission to support sufferers and educate people about the condition.

Why criticise this? A charity chief is there to run the charity, not to suffer from the thing being charitied.

You know, we don’t run Mencap and Mind using the differently abled and the deranged – they’re all to busy in Cabinet anyway.

15 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    OK, we do not allow the deranged to run Mencap, at least so far.

    But it seems we recruit them to run a charity for women…

  2. Must admit I have no idea of the competence of this ‘person’.

    But it’s peculiar delusions would make me very dubious about appointing it to do anything.

  3. How does this happen? How does the appointments committee get together and say “yes, we think this fake woman is the ideal spokesperson for our cause”. Is there some kind of groupthink that takes hold, or is it just the women on the committee trying their hardest not to be disagreeable?

  4. “is it just the women on the committee trying their hardest not to be disagreeable”

    My guess at the timeline:
    – some time ago, an entryist troublemaker got themselves onto the board
    – trouble maker found something to make a fuss about and got someone to resign (either in disgrace or in umbrage – doesn’t really matter)
    – some bonkers mate of troublemaker wants a cushy job for bonkers mate’s bonkers mate (obviously deploying the non-genderspecific usage of that term)
    – troublemaker 1 suggests bonkers mate’s bonkers mate for the cushy job, watches rest of board look at their shoes, declares anyone speaking up to be a bigot and declares silence to be violence if (more likely) everyone continues to look at their shoes

    Job done. Whether there were women on the board or not, trying hard not to be disagreeable or not, seems likely to be entirely irrelevant.

  5. The Endometriosis South Coast website states: “The vast majority of writing on endo overlooks the fact that endo is not a condition that only affects women.”

    Damn that vast majority who actually believe in biology.

    P.s. this dude is 71. A bit long in the tooth for the job unless you’re only trying to stir the sh1t.

  6. Dennis, Inconveniently Noting Reality

    Why criticise this?

    If you really believe Endometriosis South Coast hired Steph Richards because Steph Richards was the best of the candidates interviewed, Timmy, then I’d like to offer you a bridge that you can purchase with a low down payment and very affordable monthly installments.

  7. Well… the statement is technically correct, John.

    Endometriosis also affects trans men who have not, as yet, taken the plunge and had the cyclic estrogen facility permanently removed and are on permanent medication to stop their obstinate female brains to happily continue to produce the precursors and cousins of that hormone family to the cycles of the moon, and had the condition before any considerations of “transition”.

    So that’d be…. about 25 in the entirety of the UK? If that?

    But technically correct..

    Welcome to Clown World.

  8. @Dennis

    To be fair, Jenner really was an amazing athlete. McCloskey a top economic historian. A certain type of transsexual is very competent (in computers if you hear about a contemporary woman, it’s probably a man). One issue that faces woman is that if you just the quality of a woman based on how she fares at traditionally male endeavours (like running an organisation) then the public faces of transistors really are better women then women are.

  9. If the Guide Dog charity feared such criticism, would it be a case of the blind leading the blind?

    I fail to see the humour.

  10. While I agree with Tim’s reasoning, it remains to be seen – as Dennis alludes to – just what qualities a chap in womanface brings to the party that no one else could do.

    Is he a great fundraiser? With amazing connections?

    If not, then he’s a token. A ‘trans rights’ sticker. Wouldn’t anyone with a shred of self-respect not want to be that?

  11. The only criteria should be can X do the job.
    As this new appointee is clearly a few sandwiches pork pies and bottles of pop short of a picnic I’d say not.

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