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Windypuff or total windypuff?

The narrow debate around AI “guardrails” perpetuates a tug-of-war between the impulse of government to regulate and the power of business to profit. Instead, government and business must act together to show citizens that the full power of the AI age will redress the structural deficiencies of our current capitalist model and make our economy work for all, not just the few. The gathered dignitaries must use the summit to provide a global declaration that defines the shared responsibility of the public and private sectors for a root-and-branch reform of capitalism.

We need a clear and definitive joint declaration signed at the highest level. In order for it to receive public confidence, it cannot be a government “communiqué” or a “techno-optimist manifesto”. At its very core it must answer the vital question posed by the King in his recent speech at Mansion House, where he asked: “Have we succeeded in equal measure in schooling ourselves, and our communities, in the importance of our responsibilities toward one another?”

While there is a global trend to introduce AI guardrails through a swirl of policy frameworks centrally concerned with the safety risks of AI, this is not enough. In fact, perversely, if this were done without a clear commitment to the common good, fully embraced by public and private sectors, AI is likely to exacerbate the levers of inequality and social division that plague our world today.

A concrete declaration based on moral clarity could change everything. It will harness the potential promise of AI to establish a truly inclusive capitalism. We want a cohesive society where we no longer think of “us” and “them” but where we all believe that our economic system works equally for all.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild is founder and CEO of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism

Rich bird windypuff I suppose.

It’s not even precise enough to be able to critique it. Just “AI should be sugar and spice”.

12 thoughts on “Windypuff or total windypuff?”

  1. The AI conference is being hosted by the Minister for Science and Technology.
    The minister is Michelle Donnelly, BA (Hons) in History and Politics from York University.
    So we are in safe and competent hands.

  2. Recently I saw a clue at to why They are worried about AI. The conversation started with a suggestion that AI bots are just Regurgitation Engines. Another commenter made a correction: they also do pattern recognition.

    So that’s the problem – they will be like automated Steve Sailers. The patterns they recognise will often be deeply anti-woke and therefore will need to be censored.
    At last I understand. Sorry to have been so slow on the uptake.

  3. BiP – that’s been a concern for ages, but we live in a post-truth society already anyway, so I’m not sure worrying about racist computers is worth the hassle. After all, how much good did the real Steve Sailer do?

    75% of the population will wear the mask, eat the bugs and get vaxxed and boostered up the arse.

    They’re lost, you can write them off. Hollow men.

  4. Chris – Note-a-Benny, we’re now at the point where politicians casually spending £38m on literally nothing and being unable to justify it is a minor news story on Guido and LBC, rather than a political career ending event.

    In a country that’s already bankrupt and heading into economic Indian country, where the war drums and smoke signals portend great suffering.

    Doomed, I tell ye.


  5. Everything comes down to a root-and-branch reform of capitalism, doesn’t it? Global War – reform capitalism! Oil crisis – reform capitalism! Bad weather – reform capitalism! Dodgy cough – reform capitalism!

  6. Regular readers may know that the Covid bollocks, the absurd jab campaign, and the inexplicable* silence and inaction by the media and health agencies of the western world in the face of what has happened and is happened has turned me from a cynical bastard into a raving conspiracy theorist.

    With that in mind, I assume the money is being spent on African children.

    *OK I can explic it, but only by reference to a conspiracy.

  7. I’ve come to the conclusion that if the pygmy brains that are our Betters are making such a fuss about AI, then its probably harmless, and the thing that will kill us all is hiding in plain sight, indeed quite possibly being enforced by State diktat as we speak…..[cough]Net Zero[cough]vaccines[cough]mass immigration of violent psychopaths[cough]

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