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Works for me

Javier Milei vows to scrap Argentina’s version of BBC
Donald Trump-feted ‘anarcho-capitalist’ calls national broadcaster ‘propaganda’ and says he will also halt all public construction projects

What would the Tice majority be on scrapping the BBC, selling Channel 4 and also cancelling HS2?

7 thoughts on “Works for me”

  1. Steve,

    Timmy and I have discussed how he’s like a 70s football manager before now. Just needs the sheepskin coat. Great minds etc…

  2. Yes, that’s the way to do it.

    It does illustrate the basic constitutional problem with the UK (and the US) in that the right wing of politics feels traditionally obliged to conserve the institutions that the left wing have completely taken over.

  3. The best time to sell Channel 4 was a decade ago, before Netflix & co became serious competition. The second-best time is now.

  4. Milei has better hair than Trump, he could easily slot into a 70’s rock band or TV detective show.

    He has a hotter partner, too.

  5. It’s not really Argentina’s version of the BBC, it’s Agentina’s version of CCTV. The BBC is not a state department, it’s employees are not government employees.

  6. Andrew – I used to do lovefilm (i thnk that was something to do with c4) and then suddenly it was an amazon subscription. If so they sold our channel to Jeff, without bothering to tell Sid.

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