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Wow, that’s cheap

How many minutes do you get for that?

14 thoughts on “Wow, that’s cheap”

  1. I suspect the lady’d take quite a while to tell me exactly what she thought of a penny pinching old bastard like me.

  2. This is something anyone who’s shopped on AliExpress gets used to. The Chinese art of the unashamed con. Now I’m guessing the photo’s appearing to be flogging the frock. But the price could be for some other small item also being offered on the same listing. Or it’s just as likely the frock is indeed $2:33 but the shipping’s $25. Either way, the prospective buyer needs to check exactly what they’re buying.
    I do actually buy & sell this sort of schmutter, so as a point of reference I’d reckon on an article like that being around 16 bucks carriage from China free. Regrettably, that would be contents not included. Whether you could make a profit on it’s another thing. The webstore Shien – which is pretty well known amongst togs buying totty and seems to be another part of the Ali empire – offers similar at much the same prices. Either way, both are just marketing platforms & the goods themselves are coming direct from Chinese wholesalers. Although Shien stuff seems to have pre-exported to its target markets, so shorter delivery times but restricted range.
    For a comparison: In a high street retailer you might find that article at anywhere between 15€ & 50€. Just the way clothes retailing works. Some stores stack it high sell it cheap on small markups. The small boutiques, like to believe their customers are privileged to be admitted, try to go for 2-3 times what they paid.

  3. I do actually buy & sell this sort of schmutter . . .

    You’ve mentioned the trade before, BiS, but I don’t recall that particular term being used.

  4. Schmutter. Rag trade term for apparel. Probably Yiddish. The other commodity is rental unless you’re really stupid & have bought one.

  5. Reminds me of a conversation with my bro. We were watching the Richard Greene Robin Hood on Talking Pictures

    Me : There’s Alfie Bass, one of the few Jewish Anglo Saxons.

    Bro : He’s off to Sherwood to flog Robin some Lincoln Green Schmutter.

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