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A self-published book on economics

As a starting point this is clearly true:

By Rick Teller, a long term follower of mine across different platforms and magazines. Not read it in full but as I say, that’s a good start. Must be – it agrees with PJ O’Rourke on the point.

6 thoughts on “A self-published book on economics”

  1. The thing is, economics is an observational science that builds rules that describe what it observes, and then morons treat it as a predictive forecasting system, and their brains explode when “80% chance of fair weather” results in rain.

  2. The most important skill in economics is producing a plausible explanation after your infallible predictions inevitably fail to come true.

  3. Michael van der Riet

    I think that it was on these very pages that I first encountered the observation (paraphrased), “Economics cannot become a predictive science because, while it is difficult to predict what people will do, to predict what politicians will do is nigh impossible.”

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