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A useful little tell

Of course, this is The Guardian:

Citing calculations made in a report by the Brattle Group, which factors in the wealth and GDP amassed by countries that enslaved African people, she set out that the UK owes $24tn in reparations to 14 countries affected by transatlantic slavery, Spain owes $17.1tn, France owes $9.2tn and the Netherlands owes $4.86tn.

How do you amass GDP? It’s a flow, it’s what is created this year. It’s not a stock at all, it’s the value added by activity this year. If everyone stopped doing stuff then GDP would be zero – you cannot amass it.

40 thoughts on “A useful little tell”

  1. I note with irony that the UK owes most because of… reasons, seen as softest target?

    However, I would reply with the meticulously costed calculation that every member of Britain’s Royal Navy is personally owed $1.479 billion dollars, as the backdated and inflation-adjusted cost of the century-plus of ferocious suppression of the maritime slave trade we conducted, which includes the calculated benefit provided to the billions of Africans saved.

    Once I get my cheque and it’s successfully been cashed, I promise to wholly support this campaign.

    Until then, I believe the reply given in the matter of Arkell vs. Pressdram refers.

  2. I remember the ‘calculations’ which circled around in my youth (decades ago) which ‘proved’ that we only went to school 2 days per year.

    I suspect that the Brattle Group calculations do something similar… start with unsound assumptions, multiply the worst case costs by more worst case scenarios until you get lunatic results.

  3. The countries that actually did the enslaving of African people (and profited by their sale to other countries) were, of course, African countries. No mention of that fact in the calculations?

  4. Brattle does something very fun – it subtracts the cost of the food, clothes, housing, the slaves got from the pay they should have got. That’s something that’s going to trip up the other grifters along the way. It’s still a ludicrous calc, but not as bad as some others that is.

  5. A very recent version of the grift is that those who sold slaves were harmed by having sold them as well.

  6. the wealth and GDP amassed by countries that enslaved African people

    Funny, the report about who owes what seems to have failed to include any African or Arab nation in the list of evil slavers, in spite of the fact they were the ones creating slaves and used them for many centuries longer than Europeans did. A more cynical chap than me might think this had nothing to do with real justice and was simply a cynical money grab.

  7. @Jason Lynch: I assume that’s serving and retired personnel? And that given the RAF was formed, in part, from the RNAS we’re entitled to half of that figure?

  8. Martin Near The M25

    It’s like the Futurama episode where they ask the President for “All The Money In The World” and he writes a cheque.

  9. As we know, black people are the most productive and law abiding citizens any country lucky enough to enjoy the generously nostrilled ones will ever see, so it’s definitely worth giving them more free money.

    But What Would China Do?

  10. I must confess to being an old fashioned geezer who believes in equality.

    So I’ve got bad news for most of the inhabitants of London.

    And if I’m feeling particularly nasty I might remedy some cultural appropriation too…

    Just remembering those old Attenborough programmes from before he went round the bend.

  11. Funny, the report about who owes what seems to have failed to include any African or Arab nation in the list of evil slavers,

    You mean to say that, once again, white gentiles – the only people on the planet to abolish slavery – are being targeted for racial punishment and collective humiliation?


    Oy veh, it’s a Kwanzaa miracle!

  12. @AtC
    And being the racists they are, they’ve completely neglected the indigenous people the Spanish & Portuguese enslaved in South & Central America. If you were talking about the value extracted, you’d need to start a separate list to get all the numbers in.

  13. The GDPP of Barbados is $17K while the GDPP of Gambia is about $700. So about 20 times richer. It’s like demanding compensation from the cab company that was late, so you missed the flight on United 93. Most people would thank their lucky stars. Sucked to be Kunte Kinte and half a dozen generations that followed but you won the lottery compared to the people who were fast enough to outrun the slavers in Africa.

    I mean, just… shut up. It’s nearly as long since Barbados has been free, as the time that Barbados had slavery. And it eradicated slavery decades before Gambia or most of the Caribbean.

  14. Jason.
    Those sailors on the West Africa station were paid a fair wack for their service. It was the British taxpayer who was robbed under threat of violence to pay for them. As a descendant of the taxpayer I demand reparations for me.

  15. Should we decolonise Barbados and return the island to Arawak and the Carib peoples?

    There is plenty of room for the colonists currently living there in their home continents.

    Also, given the valuations we’re putting on negro labour, Africa must logically be richer than Wakanda by now. So they can well afford to give the Carribbean back to its rightful inhabitants.

  16. Once the Romans, the Normans, the Vikings, the Barbary pirates, and our own ‘royal family’ have wedged me up I’ll be happy to pass on a percentage of my new wealth.

  17. It’s effectively a declaration of war from these countries.

    No problem –
    1. Summon the Barbadian ambassador and inform them we are expelling them from the Commonwealth
    2. Send all inhabitants from Barbados who don’t have British citizenship back home
    3. End DFID funding for Barbados

    Obviously with a more rational government of non race Grifters then such measures would be ended.

    I’d also:

    1. Remove any taxpayers funding from academic institutions which commissioned this type of research
    2. Have HMRC and the Inland Revenue conduct detailed audits of the finances of any private sector/ third sector organizations who undertook any such research
    3. have the security services determine if any Guardian journalists or subs partook in the pro Hamas riots or any other such demonstration and have them arrested on treason charges

    No more kid gloves with these cretins. You don’t bargain with vultures.

  18. That story about the dead poet is top story on the Daily Mail as well.

    I saw the headline and was hit with an immense feeling of, Who?

    After reading the first couple of paragraphs, I was hit with an even stronger feeling of Shrug

    I can understand a news story, but why so prominent?

  19. As a descendant of the taxpayer I demand reparations for me.

    You aren’t just a “descendent of the taxpayer”, since UK debt tends to accumulate, you ARE THE TAXPAYER.

    “In 1833, Britain used 40% of its national budget to buy freedom for all slaves in the Empire. Britain borrowed such a large sum of money for the Slavery Abolition Act that it wasn’t paid off until 2015,”

  20. Chernyy,

    Benjamin Zephaniah was one of those people who soaked up a lot of the token work around. Arts organisations that were run by white people who only knew white people in the UK had to introduce some colour so as not to appear racist. So, they had him and Lenny Henry on speed dial.

  21. . . . by countries that enslaved African people . . .

    Did this country, as in the state itself, directly catch and own any African people?

  22. Well, it was the African countries that enslaved the African people and dumped them on the poor victimised whites, so clearly they owe the whites trillions. They can also pay the blacks their compo if they wish.

    As has been pointed out they should also repatriate all the black colonists to Africa and pay compensation to the indigenous inhabitants affected. That gets rid of how much of the population of London??

    And by the way BiS, am I thus depriving you of your squeeze? But no doubt you and she will both give me the finger and tell me to fuck off.

  23. Martin Near The M25

    I don’t like to speak ill of the dead so I wrote a poem instead.

    He was a token poet
    Who wrote some words and stuff
    He made his money grifting
    But it never was enough

  24. I just read some Benjamin Zephaniah poems.

    They’re retarded.

    True, Steve, if a little harsh on retards.

  25. In reply to Señor Boganboy: You think I’m stupid enough to live in the UK? It’s a road accident I prefer to spectate from afar.

  26. Population of Barbados 268,000
    Amount of compo being requested today £4.9tn USD.
    About 18 million USD per living Barbadian resident.
    That sounds a little low to me – surely the 7% mixed Indian/White population can be discounted – call it 20 million why dontcha.

  27. What could possibly have caused a cancer so virulent that it killed the patient within 8 weeks of diagnosis? Wondering minds want to know………

  28. Jim – I know more than one person who had cancer and got fucked around by GP’s for several months instead of getting rushed in front of an oncologist.

  29. BZ was one and the other one is Linton Kwesi Johnson, who were both darlings of the Trustafarian elite,

    The poems of both are indeed shit, but they are “authentic” and offer a “voice to the oppressed” much like that Maya bird in the USA.

    Whatevs. I only encountered thrm when I watchec Janet Street Porter Yoof TV and occasionally Radio3.

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