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Always knew there was something righteous about ‘im

David Trimble was ‘extraordinarily rude’ to Tony Blair at Good Friday talks

Good man there, obviously, well done.

11 thoughts on “Always knew there was something righteous about ‘im”

  1. David might well have been even ruder if Tony had been honest and said….the only reason i haven’t done what my wife wants and converted to Catholicism is to get you to go along with what me and the British Labour Party want you to do.

  2. The very fact that they keep calling it the “Good Friday Agreement” shows how much respect they have for Trimble’s lot. It is, officially, the Belfast Agreement. “Good Friday”, is not recognized by Ulster Protestants; many hardline Reformed churches don’t celebrate Easter at all.

  3. Sam – I don’t think you can be a Christian and not celebrate the Resurrection. Are you sure?

    Tho I’m not impressed with the late Mr Trimble’s theology:

    Trimble admitted in July 2019 that he was “forced” to change his position on same-sex marriage and partnerships after voting against them, because of his lesbian daughter Vicky, who married her girlfriend Rosalind Stephens in Scotland in 2017. He told peers in the House of Lords “I cannot change that, and I cannot now go around saying that I am opposed to it because I acquiesced to it. There we are.”

    Not sure St Peter, the first Pope, will buy that excuse. But it’s symptomatic of a generation of Westerners who mistakenly put their faith in “being nice”. We got grinning demons like Tony Blair for our niceness.

  4. They (that is, we, although the Church of Scotland is pretty lax on this kind of thing these days) obviously recognise the resurrection, but don’t necessarily set aside a particular time to celebrate it. The early reformers considered Easter, like Christmas, to be a pagan festival adopted by Rome.

    I’m not sure if Easter Monday is even a public holiday in Scotland to this day. It certainly wasn’t when I was a kid (although the Glasgow Spring Holiday always coincided with it because back in the 18th Century the city fathers decided that so much trade was being conducted with England that it made sense to match the English holidays).

  5. Also turns out Prince Andrew had to smooth over gaffes made by Mandelson, they really were an incompetent bunch of self-serving [insert expletive of choice]

  6. I saw a story today about how Tony Blair wanted to get Wimbledon FC to relocate to Belfast to act as “a positive unifying force” for the locals:

    It’s only partly on topic, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s such a striking example of Blair’s tendency towards magical thinking. The politicians in Northern Ireland who were used to managing intractable facts on the ground and deep-rooted historical conflicts must have felt like they were suddenly negotiating with Mork from Ork.

  7. Wiki “Serious political efforts to end the conflict began in the late 1980s and continued through the 1990s(So, began under the hated fatcher and continued by Edwina’s boyfriend). Ceasefires were declared and later broken. The agreement came after very many years of complex talks, proposals, and compromises“.

    And the grinning clown took all the credit. Politics eh?

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    I used to work for Sir David Ford. He was instrumental in starting those secret talks and would occasionally talk about the secret meetings he had with Sinn Fein. He said he would go on his own and the meetings would be denied and he’d be treated as a rogue if word got out at the time or SF decided to kidnap him.

    Quite a character.

    It leaves a bitter taste saying this but I remember Blair giving Major some credit for brining the parties together and getting them to the point of negotiation.

  9. “The very fact that they keep calling it the “Good Friday Agreement” shows how much respect they have for Trimble’s lot. It is, officially, the Belfast Agreement. ”
    I don’t think Trimble’s lot (i.e. my lot) care very much about it.
    It’s actually the other lot which is offended by both labels for the Agreement on alternate days. (“We’re being manipulated”/”We’re being ignored”)

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